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I get dissapointed and discouraged a lot. I feel it, and try not to let it show. I'm sure it's the same for a lot of infps'... And somehow we all just find a way keep going. And hopefully getting stronger, gradually.

Some suggestions;

- self awareness: catch yourself ruminating over the past, and stop it in it's tracks. Only allow yourself to reflect on the past, not ruminate. And only allow yourself to do it in small intervals, and not extended periods.

- Accept the situation/accept what eventuated. Let yourself accept whatever reaction that comes with this, and let it go. If you felt disappointed, let it come. Accept it. "I'm allowed to feel disappointed. I do feel disappointed". But then, don't be afraid to take some deep breaths, and to let it go, as you exhale. Allow yourself to let it go. Appreciate and recognise that you don't have to hold onto it. Only YOU chose whether or not you hold onto something. Accept what happened, that you cannot change the past, and stop yourself from thinking about the possibilities of what could have happened.

- Focus on the present, like what has previously be mentioned. Try not to think to much of the past of future implications. Just focus on the present situation.

- Focus on what you have control over in your internal world (pretty much everything!) and the outside, and look at what you can do right now to help the situation.

- Tell people around you about your goals and desires. They may track your progress and may inspire you if you need it.

- Surround yourself with inspiration. Photos, motivational lyrics/quotes/music. Write yourself a letter that you read every day, or everytime you need it, that encourages you to stick through things. Give yourself strong motivational reasons.

- Reward yourself for making small steps. Disregard the black/white thinking which suggests 1 step backwards is failure. Recognise that you can get something positive out of every situation. Even a situation where you're seemingly going backwards. Focus on what you can learn from a situation, not whether or not your goal or desired outcome was achieved.

They are just some starting points. I think coming to your own system of dealing with being discouraged is really important.

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