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Currently reading a book called "Incognito : The Secret Lives of the Brain" by David Eagleman - I realized that indeed, I have found myself doing unconscious things that I found out after seeing the evidence.

For example, after giving into recreational endevours, recent photographs had been taken of me doing ESFP-type of activities (entertaining people and enjoying the moment I was experiencing, although I have no recollection of what had happened).

A few years ago after drinking too much I had also found money in my bag (a large sum of money) and found out I had been dancing around the place and putting up such a show people thought I was an entertainer/dancer, which also occurs to me that my subconsious-type is an ESFP.

A similar cycle had been spotted when an acquaintance of mine had remembered the first time we saw each-other and he thought I was so much fun (excuse-me?).

Have you had similar insight into another you ? Please feel free to share your experiences.
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