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I work as a cleaner at a hospital. It's a really stressful job that only pays minimum wage. There are so many things to attend to during an 8-hour work day.

And, surprisingly, sick people everywhere! I often clean to the distant sounds of people vomiting and the other day I was cleaning the room of an old lady who was so sick that she already looked like a ghost. It's hard to watch all these people suffering. I think I'm gonna quit soon though, even though I (lol, I actually stopped writing right here to send out an online job application and have now returned, 20 minutes later) don't have any sure way of getting another job (you know you're an INFP when....)

Anyway, I found that in hs I didn't care much about what I was doing. I showed up late, ditched school and failed to hand in papers so many times that I was riding of the edge of being expelled. But when I started working and it became a responsibility, that is enough responsibility for me to do my job. It doesn't feel like a chore, but like an obligation.

My dream job is to become a psycho therapist. It pays like $72 per hour, so I wouldn't have to work full time. I'll become my own boss, so everything will be much more free and easy once I've learned about all the legal aspects of running one's own business (sucks, but has to be done :dry:). And best of all: I get to help people the way I enjoy the most; through conversations about deep stuff helping people find themselves.
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