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What kind of dreamer are you?

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i was replying to an another, old thread, but it sprung into a completely different idea so i decided to start this thread.

i never really thought about it, but the dreams we see tell a lot about ourselves. and i never noticed how differently people really experience dreaming.

Well we all get nightmares when we are stressed and they are very distinct. For instance, when sorrow is getting the best of me I will usually dream about there being a flood. When I am afraid sometimes I will dream about being chased. When I am confused/stressed I'll dream that my teeth are falling out or running in slow motion, getting lost on the road etc.

In my opinion, your dreams seem to be coming from something beyond yourself because of the feeling like someone is watching you and also dreaming about events before they happen. That isn't normal. You don't have to do anything to be attacked spiritually. Sometimes we're simply unaware of what invited it in. My best advice would be prayer. Even if it's not spiritual in nature, it never hurts to pray anyway when under stress. We all need all the help we can get in this world.

Also I suggest you start training your mind to focus on positive, loving things during the day. Your mind is a place where you should not let your guard down. If something dark pops in that you don't want, redirect your thoughts and pray. I'll be praying for you too.
i know this is an old thread, but this really caught my attention. i dont think ive ever had nightmares like the way others describe them. if theres fear, then im actually very curious as to what could cause fear in me, and i always confront it. i find it very interesting to fiddle with my perceptions, to study them like that.

last time i had a "nightmare" as others call them, i was in a zombie(much weirder) monster land, and was enjoying myself very much, until at one point i got separated from my friends and a frenzy of zombie monsters with tangle hands caught me, pulled me to air and penetrated my skin in the ass area.[real world]: i snapped my eyes open, annoyed because there was no continuum to my dream. because it would be impossible to survive a zombie scratch, let alone a horde of zombies digesting you. (at one point of the zombie dream, i noticed there was a whole building filled with people going at their business like the zombies didnt exist. so i went there and saw an exceptionally attractive female, to whom i acted all charming and gentleman, and proposed that she would drink a loot of wine bottle i had found, which was a rare thing in that kind of land. i guess she did, and i moved onto slaughtering zombies with my friends, xD, and then we got to the part i explained before this. my dreams are weird like that, they can suddenly change completely, while still remain related.)

(and im generally like that, if something isnt working and i cant find a solution, i just get angry and frustrated. like if i miss someone, i dont go weeping, i just get frustrated.)

at my worst, my dreams take an abstract turn, all feelings and emotions fade, and my dreams become pure abstraction of thought.

usually if my dreams arent about facing threats of all sort, then its about solving other kinds of emotional problems, such as how to overcome peoples stupidity in many kinds of scenarios.

fascinating unreal structures and places is also a very common theme.

sometimes theres also music in my dreams, music i myself create in the dream. like once i played a violin in a dream, another time i played a cello like instrument, and a third time i was in a sci fi setting, a supersoldier, going at his duties in slow motion while epic music played in background.

in my daydreams, melancholy seems to always overtake if i let feelings have any part in it. (so often my daydremings are my attempts of daydream, but more like creating things with pure thought.)
but when i let feelings in, its always about the characters i create feeling huge losses while being absentmindedly in some beautiful scenery. i guess its because ima 4w3, so i see life as something very beautiful, but unbearably painful. so i basically relate beauty to pain.

i also find fear very fascinating, because its an illusion. and i want to understand what i could perceive wrong if i experience such. im generally a very reckless, fearless person, who learns everything by mistakes.

when there are red flags in my mind about other people, i always just ignore them. thinking "why would anyone do anything stupid or immoral? it doesnt make sense."

when i was reading that thread about nightmares, i wasnt able to relate at all, yet these people too were infj's, so it made me thinking, why would i experience it so differently? my best theory is, a possible secondary 8w7. and sx so's reckless nature. i guess i just feel invincible. *shrugs* =|

i often also like to contemplate about pain, such as, what would it feel like to kill myself by drowning. after all, the pain is just imagination. and what itd feel like to cook my hand on a pan and knave the meat off my fingers to reveal white bone beneath. or what itd feel like to cut my throat and die of blood loss. the slicing feeling i find annoying/nasty. ive also contemplated, how people would react if i defecate into a clear plastic bag and put it hagning on their door swiveler. its funny to contemplate disgusting things. the next time im in middle of this city, i think im going to scream like micky mouse.

healing abilities, time reversing abilities, renewable body and other such themses seem very common in my daydreams, i guess i feel so fragile with a body that breaks as easily as glass.
it would be so nice to live without having to worry about limitations that permanent injuries cause me, or having to worry about health so fkin much. (i basically have to avoid certain activities i like, people, public places because of an ear injruy i have.)

i think im very fascinated about emotions and feelings, but the notion that they arent real just demotivates me alot, and the lack of productiveness in doing those activities, even if i take it as an opportunity to learn of myself.

so, analyze your dreaming and daydreaming habits to your best ability, why you think you have all those fascinations in your mind. try to remember, that we are very different even if same type, so explain it like to a stranger.
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Most of your dreams are your untapped/unconscious desires. Dreams can be clear, and sometimes not so clear. A clear dream would be hanging out with your friends in a normal setting and feeling joy, which would convey the value of your friendships. Other times you get ridiculous dreams with the same 'message' a clear dream would give you, albeit a different interpretation. For instance, you would be under a zombie apocalypse and your friends get killed and you cry tears of sadness. Although the dream is ridiculous, it still conveys the value of your friendship.

Basically, I think dreams can vary from simple to crazy spontaneous imagery. The interpretations can mean the same thing.
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