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What kind of people have liked you, romantically?

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I posted this here accidentally (instead of INFJ forum lol), but hey! i want to know your responses, too. :crazy::crazy::crazy::crazy:

I sometimes get mistaken for INTJ, so it d be interesting to hear other peoples responses!!!
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INFP: Emotionally unstable and admired me for my strength and determination. I ended it because he betrayed my trust.
ENFP: Emotionally unstable and admired me for my strength, intelligence, and determination. Still wants to fuck me. We never dated.
ESTP: Had an addiction to working out and liked that I wasn't very emotional. I left him because he was shallow.
ENFP: Couldn't handle the "intensity of my emotions" and left because the distance was too much for him.
ESTJ: Admired my intelligence and didn't want to "tie me down". It was a cop out, he was just a dishonest man who was disrespectful toward women. I wish him the best in his future shitty marriage though. I broke up with him for telling me to "shut the fuck up".
ENTP: Emotionally unstable, Disrespectful, Insecure, Selfish, and in denial of his behavior. He did not let me have my space while I was very ill. He broke up with me because he thought I was ignoring him when I asked him for some space. He also disrespected all the boundaries I set out.

Shit... this makes me want to stop dating all together after reflecting back on this list.
INTJ is not on the list yet, and the purely awesome Dread Pirate Roberts type of INTJ is definitely not on the list, so There is still hope!!!!
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One ?ISFP? (was a long time ago)

One ENFP (at least I am fairly certain she reciprocated my feelings, until she realized how intense my emotions were)

And that would be it.
My life has been rather singular.

EDIT: Forgot someone!!! Hard to type her though, I was trying to set her up with someone else at the time, only to later find out she had a crush on me. ISFJ.... maybe? thats a tough one.

But the point is the number is three, not two!!!!


Damn, its still a pretty sad number.
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I suggest you reevaluate that conclusion. My tits, ass, AND face are wayyy fucking hotter! Plus, I would cook you chicken franchese in my birthday suit while talking about superchargers and NOS injection. :tongue:
I have never been into cars like the typical guy, so why do I find it so hot when a chick is?
- Clingy, intense types who forget they have friends when they are in relationships.
- Guys who want a mommy type girlfriend.
- Pot idea why they like me.
- Guys with no back bone, who want to rely on mine.
- Guys who are intrigued by the fact that I don't act like the average girl.

Generally I find that guys like me less for who I am, but instead for who they think I am or want me to be. It's possibly a byproduct of being an I... They fill in the blanks.They don't actually know me. Some of them have never even talked to me before deciding they like me.

Also, to all the INTJ males who said no-one has liked them. It's not true, you probably just didn't notice or they felt too intimidated to show it.
- Same for me with women (when i was younger anyway)
- Most guys do
- For most pot heads, its because you have tits
- Simply because you have one
- again, most guys are

This would be the case with all men. I have the same problem of seeing someone for who they "could be" instead of who they are. I think it is a natural course of human nature to see what we want to see. I have a tendency to see what a person could be "if I could just fix these flaws...."

You are probably right, I know of two instances and always wonder how many more I missed.
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Never before have I been so happy to have no romantic/sexual interest in men :dry:
I certainly couldn't say "never before", but I would totally agree with you.
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So basically, Monkey Fritz, you are saying the types that like me are guys. :laughing:
Basically, yes. Lol :tongue:
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