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What kind of people have liked you, romantically?

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I posted this here accidentally (instead of INFJ forum lol), but hey! i want to know your responses, too. :crazy::crazy::crazy::crazy:

I sometimes get mistaken for INTJ, so it d be interesting to hear other peoples responses!!!
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There are two types of men that are attracted to me:

First kind:

(commonly NTs... sorry about the generalisation)

The men that are highly successful in what ever various field they have chosen. I have had lawyers, accountants, engineers, and psychologists chase me. They are normally very highly confident men, and think they have figured me all out...

What they have in common is they usually high on the Asperger's/Autistic scale and generally have some mental illness- Bipolar, Schizophrenia, Borderline, Multiple Personality Disorder, Narcissism, and Associative disorder.

They all tell me I make them feel normal, at ease. That I am a homecoming.

The second kind of man that is attracted to me:

(NFs... again sorry for the generalisation)

Usually the very clingy artsy kind of man that thinks I will save them from the world. They wish to be entertained by me constantly and give them all the security they need. They think I am some sort of power house of strength and stability. They are attracted to the 'I am a scary INTJ woman' vibe I can sometimes give off. They think they like what they see but when they get to know me I think they feel let down more than anything. I am far too much for them to handle with my need for space and solitude and lack of emotional nurturing.

These men are often very depressive and anxious and always clingy.

Out of the two I prefer the Aspie NT range of man. I like that they are more driven and successful, I can deal with quirks but I can't deal with clingy emotional men.
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I'm starting to see a trend.

You guys should dating people with mental illnesses.
hahaha the truth unfortunately is that the most interesting people seem to have mental illnesses.
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None. :sad:
In that case I'll be the first.

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Aren't you married, though? :/
Not that I am aware of :mellow:

... Called off my wedding a few months ago. Unless he somehow marriage raped me and I was unaware of it all this time.
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Okay, okay! You will all get a chance to have a turn!
But I'm sorry Bio... If I had to choose, I'd have to pick Evan. He's just simply irresistible!!! :wink:

Officially, I've added INTJ and ENTJ to my list...
I think I need to excuse myself for a little....

:blushed: :blushed: :blushed: :blushed: :blushed:
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Make that four.

You will never experience such a blood boiling event like this woman can provide.

I hope you can handle blood sports.
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I will show you what you can do with those elbows Ms Rose :wink:
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Mr. Spikey?

That will definitely result in blood sports...

Beth, I never knew!
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Evan, I think she prefers Ms. Buzzy actually....

I may need to teach you how to use that big sexy Jew nose first though...
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