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What makes an INFP come to being?

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I posted this on another forum but I want to post it here too

I've just wondering what exactly makes a person become INFP?

Usually I find that most INFP's:

  • Had been taken advantage of many times in the past, and they let such experiences define their skills so that they would avoid the same mistakes in the future.
  • Often feel the same rushes of rage almost immediately when they see or detect the same experiences happening to others (bad experiences they had already gone through themselves)
  • Place importance on subtle gestures and signs because they had overlooked them in the past which had changed their lives permanently. Often get misunderstood by others for over emphasis on this importance.
  • Place over importance on depth, because of unwillingness to fall into potential mistakes that can be caused by meaningless superficialties.
  • Often able to recreate certain idealist movie-like scenes in head, and determined to see those scenes as how their life should manifest. Which often lead them to become highly intuitive, driven dreamers.

Although INFP's project idealism and optimism when it comes to creativity, are we at some point mostly defined by this: past pain?

Me the INFP :)
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i'm so sick of posting this:
people are BORN an mbti type.. that's why parents often think they can spot their childs personality from when they were babies. stress and different factors may make you "become" another type- at least it will seem like it, and this is especially true of NFs who are eager to find themselves and to learn from mistakes, but essentially you will always be the type you were born with.

an anxiety suffering reculsive ENFP is not then an INFP, an NF who makes mistakes in life and decides logic is preferable is not then an NT. they will simply be stressed versions of their type and will never truly be anything like the type they claim to have "changed into/from".
no one can definitively say its nature over nurture, especially for all traits.
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