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The Higher does a pretty good job.

If you want to connect with ENFJ like me then you will have to use life experiences and stories. If you want one to open up you will likely have to share first. Like The Higher says we are like a mirror. I will give you as much as you give me. INTJ I think can attract us because my belief is although we are feelers we are deep thinkers on relationships and careers except we think too much so we naturally get real extroverted and tend to be really busy and when that happen we shortcut and begin to utilize our feelings as a first line defense. We are a social butterfly however, we do limit people from getting real close. ENFJ's have an extra barrier to break. There is an outward us then an inner us. We may us also take an aggressive friendly approach towards doing good deeds and helping to ease that inner pain or emptiness we may have.

I have acquaintences and I have friends. Mostly are in the first category than the latter.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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