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I often enjoy sitting in a quiet place by myself either reading or writing without being interupted. Oh I also enjoy cooking to relieve stress it's very relaxing with all the smells, sounds, and of coarse tastes :)

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Things that make me happy:

1. Music, music, music, fucking music and more music, I'm a music aficionado. Listening to music and creating music/sounds. Talking about music, sharing music, etc.
2. Hiking
3. Traveling
4. Alone time
5. Mental stimulation
6. Good food
7. Art, Drawing, Putting together youtube music videos.
8. Reading/Books
9. Browsing the internet for MOAR knowledge.
10. People who are on the same page as me in all aspects of who I am and actually finding them and having the greatest time together because we get each other.
11. Observing the world
12. Driving long distances and being wrapped in my own thoughts or into my music.
13. Photography/taking pictures
14. Showing people what I see through my eyes and them appreciating it and wanting more.
15. Probing curiosity
16. Intelligent minds
17. Knowledge/Learning
18. Counterculture/Alternative lifestyles, people under the radar, who are weird, eccentric, different in most of societies eyes, I find happiness and attraction to that.
19. Dreaming about the future and the plans I have and trying to make it a reality
20. George Carlin type of humor, humor.

Yadda yadda....

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Ideas and knowledge. Books. Lovely intuitive conversations with my best friend. Ridiculous random conversations with my friends group. My notebooks and writing. THE MIGHTY BOOSH. Music. Showers.

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Warning: Ni+Fi ramble... :D It's likely to not make any sense.

What makes me happy?
- To know that I know nothing.
- To know that everything has potential.
- To know that I am one with the universe.
- To know that everything is possible (unless limited by time and/or resources, but in the mind, anything goes while still applying physical and mathematical rules...)
- To know that we're all subjects to chance in the grand scheme of things, therefore we are fortunate.

To know that I know nothing...

It would seem most of us human beings take pride in knowing, I take joy in not knowing... There are so many different ways to look at things and interpret them, yet they're all still bound to be flawed, to be incorrect, to be incomplete. Nothing can be set in stone, nothing can be definite. Reaching higher planes of understanding to go beyond the obvious, beyond the directly observable, beyond the limited angle... There's room to be surprised and to realize and be reminded over and over again that life is something truly great and we just need to keep discovering and finding its hidden treasures, growing along the way.

To be mistaken, to find out I was wrong, it makes me happy. It is equivalent to evolution and it feels as though I've peeled away an old and weak skin layer for a newer and stronger one. The process can sting and be painful sometimes, but once it's done, it's like being reborn to start life all over again with another perspective.

Knowing that I know nothing is knowing that there is hope. Whatever may seem dull now may simply be missing an important piece for it all to come to life and gain color.

To know that everything has potential...
What is usually conceived as flawed, I conceive as raw material. No matter what it is, a person, an object, an idea... Everything has potential for one purpose or another, at a minor or greater scale. There's so much you can draw from things and so much these things themselves can develop into... Whether the direction is negative or positive doesn't make much difference because even the negative has potential, potential to challenge for growth and evoke progress...

Imperfections are beautiful. They are given the opportunity to travel through paths filled with universal truths, truths that give meaning and power, truths the perfect ones never get the chance to directly grasp.

To know that I am one with the universe...
We are one with our past, our present, our uncertain future, what is within, what is without, what we know, what we don't know... Everything is directly or indirectly connected and we're all a part of an enormous, perhaps infinite web that we still have little to no clue about. Every little tiny thing is significant and it doesn't even have to touch the physical realm for it to be. How much each action affects is relative, but whether it travels long lengths or does not doesn't make it any less valuable, only failing to see the value does...

To be here and look back to what was then and see all the interconnections and possibilities within the distance is a confirmation of how everything is united and how everything depends on everything.

This doesn't make me feel small, it makes me and everyone and everything else have a powerful role to give use to, an opportunity to transcend (even if only indirectly).

To know that everything is possible (unless limited by time and/or resources, but in the mind, anything goes while still applying physical and mathematical rules...)

Everything is possible. Obviously, some concepts are more likely than others, but possible =/=truth, possible=capable. To know there's capability of truth for numeral patterns leading to the same point is to gain insight to a limitless world. It is a freeing experience and the realization that different opinions and paths are actually a part of an impalpable sphere of thoughts, feelings and actions... Everything equally valid in its essence.

To play with endless possibilities is to be able to live in different alternate realities and to be able to draw ideas and lessons from each one of them. It is to combine the innocence of a child with the wisdom of the elder, becoming one with innocence and wisdom, being a student and a teacher at once. (Try not to leave Te out of the picture much, though, you could end up going coocoo ;x)

To know that we're all subjects to chance in the grand scheme of things, therefore we are fortunate.
What I am, no one else is, what you are no one else is. You could reduce the value of lives by saying we're all the same if you look only at the principles, but if you look at all the details, and look at them really closely, no one is the same. What I am able to experience, to think, to feel, others don't get the chance to. The same way, I don't get the chance to experience, to think, to feel what others had the chance to. I am fortunate, they are fortunate, we're all fortunate. Even though sometimes we focus on what we lack rather than what we have, there's still poetry in every single life.

I am fortunate to be me in this time and place and to be graced by the chances these circumstances offer me. Things can be better, but they can also be worse. 'Bad' can be good, and 'good' can be bad. And I am also grateful for the fact that I can use this perception.

Now going by the more crude Te-ish perspective...

Objectivity alone is lifeless, subjectivity makes me happy.

Down to specifics...
Hemoglobin, bethdeth, ChanceyRose, Syock, PseudoSenator, rizzy, my IRL friends, bad jokes, dorkiness, art in all its forms, new experiences, ideas, freedom, kindness, awareness, dawns, rainbows, colors, glitter, epicness, mountains, fluffy clouds that look like silly faces, warmth, did I mention colors? Silly things, memories, etc, etc, etc.

All this being said, there's also a bunch of stuff that makes me sad. :crazy: But it's all good too because having sad times adds value to the happy times.

Woah, I'm sure I've made my INTJness questionable here. ;x


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In no particular order:
InvisibleJim, Eranashine, Bethdeth, ChanceyRose, Syock, PseudoSenator, Rizzy, Knght990, Bionic, Sharpstick, MonkeyFritz, Dagdraumur, MyLittleBlackHeart, SweetSurrender, Lestat, and Nexus6. Talking with you daily puts the biggest smile on my face.

1. My IRL friends (this would include Lestat in that case lol)
2. When Eranashine shows me her cute artwork
3. Long baths (undisturbed)
4. Giving and receiving massages
5. Playing with small children
6. Deep and haunting Ni+Fi conversations
7. Abstract Ni+Te conversations
8. Intense Se+Fi moments
9. Being taught how to play chess
10. Laughing spirals on Skype with boys with funny accents
11. Challenging my own beliefs and values
12. Artistic expression in every sense
13. Poetry
14. Belly dancing
15. Yoga
16. Whimsicle Fuckery
17. Beating my friends at video games :crazy:
18. Colouring bookings, suduko, cross words
19. Camping/Hiking
20. British comedies
21. Showing those around me that I care for them in small practical and subtle ways
22. Dancing in the living room in my knickers to terrible 90s pop.

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Just being alone and doing the stuff that I want to do... well... Alone.

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in no particular order my list (which is not exhaustive):

  1. the introduction to bagpuss (see below) a wonderful memory from my childhood
  2. planting/growing flowers
  3. spring esp daffodils and daisies and newly mown grass and baby ducklings
  4. hiking and camping and waking up to mountains and coffee in plastic mugs
  5. beautiful scenery generally but especially stuff with mountains in it
  6. jogging with my ipod
  7. reading (i prefer stories with dead people in them)

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MindBomb, for making it safe for me to play
Hemoglobin, for being my confessor and cheerleader
Syock, for the validation and honesty
Eranashine, for the giggly gooey-soft sweetness in the center
everyone else who pops into and out of the conversation

1. My daughter
2. My daughter pwning a a bigger, stronger, older boy in her last jiujitsu sparring match
3. Long walks with my dog before the sun comes up
4. Horseback riding in the snow
5. Good books
6. Good music
7. Honest, thoughtful, deep conversation
8. IRL best friends
9. Firelight, starlight, warm arms, blankets, and wine
10. Writing

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conceiving of new ideas and then bringing them into reality as if they have always existed (art)
video games
intellectual expansion and development
muy thai
brazilian jui jitsu
weight lifting

among other things

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Online Karaoke with other INTJs and the hilarity that follows :proud:
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