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What makes you unique?

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Name something that sets you apart from most people you know.

Tell me what makes you special and different from all the rest.

It's time to feel good about yourself.
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Incredibly oblivious to obvious solutions to problems, very clumsy, socially awkward
Lefty! That's about it though , and people have told me I'm really good at soccer so there's that.
Haha, type 4 vs. type 6. You guys love the things that make you unique, I am ashamed of them.

Anyway, my DNA is different from everyone else's? I think all the talents I have, lots of people have also, so I don't feel that great about them.
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My ability to be the lone wolf and still have a pack of followers behind me.
Most people I know are .05% magnesium, but I am .058% magnesium
Unique is such a lonely word.

Well, I think that a lot of people have their unique qualities, although those who choose to embrace them are truly unique. But since this thread was made to make us feel good about our uniqueness I will name a few things that I hope are not as unique as I thought them to be.

-My mind can wrap around a lot of things and give attentiveness the simplest things for prolonged periods of time. I can watch the clouds for ages or even just watching a fan turn repeatedly with the same fascination as I began with.

-I can ask questions that have no real solid answers immediately, but if you wait until time proves you wrong, the answer will appear.

-I can dream up whatever I want and believe in it 100%.

Heh, now that I think about these, they aren’t entirely unique, just rare. Times are tough for the dreamers out there; it is rare to find an unscathed flower in a burnt forest.
I'm the man everyone deserves, but not what they need right now. :laughing:
I can twitch my nose, flare my nostrils and pick a simple lock, and none of my friends can. I can also do those things simultaneously.
I've yet to try stripping a rifle, moving my right foot in clockwise circles and drawing the number 6 at the same time but theoretically I can do those too.

Or was this meant to be a personality thing..? Serious question. Now I'm in an INFP forum that's going to be a lot harder.
*predicts the next phase of the craze of lets celebrate our uniqueness* ...
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I read up on random stuff xD
I'm the dancing queen....I mean...Princess... :)
I can drink a cup of vinegar and enjoy it.
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My right foot is slightly bigger than my left foot. My organs are on the opposite side of my body. I was blessed by Mother Teresa.
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Drummer here.

I think we are all unique because all of our lives play out different, both due to alterable and unalterable factors. It's what makes life so interesting.
I am unbeatable at ping pong and foosball but I never talk smack. Just say good game and ask to play again drives my friends insane lol.
My poetry. Writing is my one true passion!
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