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Mother: ESFP
Father: ISTP

Oldest brother: ISTP (different father)
Oldest sister: ISFP
Older sister: ESTP

Me: INFJ with a dash of P-ness when it suits.

Younger sister: ESFP
Younger brother: (Unknown--given up for adoption too soon, never saw him again.)
Youngest brother: ISTJ (Given up for adoption, reunited with us long enough to type.)

Baby sister: ENFP
Babiest sister: ISFP

Maternal grandmother: ISFJ
Maternal grandfather: ESFP

Paternal grandmother: ISxx (Never knew her, just some stories.)
Paternal grandfather: ESF? (Didn't spend much time with him.)

Big family: Children in and out of foster care (including me), three given up for adoption, two returning enough to type, one not...

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Paternal great-grandma: ISFJ
Paternal great-grandpa: INFP

Paternal grandma: INFP
Paternal grandpa: ENTP

Maternal grandma: ENFP
Maternal grandpa: INTP

Older bro: ENFP
Younger bro: ENFP

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Mother: ISFJ
Father: ESTJ
Sister: INTJ

Maternal grandmother: ISTJ
Maternal grandfather: ESXP possibly from how he is described, can't confirm that, he died when I was six

Paternal Grandmother: ESTJ
Paternal Grandfather: ISTJ

My mom's sister: ESFJ
My mom's second sister: ISTP

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Mother: ESFJ
Father: (unknown)

Grandmother: ESFJ
Grandfather: INTP

Aunt: ESFP
Her husband: ISTJ
Cousins: ISFP

Not so sure about my uncle or other relatives.
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