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What personality type is this guy?

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I'm just wondering what type this guy in my class that I speak to sometimes is. I have a feeling he could be a INTJ. I know hes definitely a introverted type. I'm an INTP hes a bit similar to me.

-Hes quite intelligent good at most subjects
-He really loves maths solving problems and its his favourite subject , he also likes english
-Hes a quiet , and reserved he only talks to people he knows well
-Hes nice and polite
-He doesn't use big hand gestures ,
-I think he prefers one-on-one conversations , he doesn't really talk much in a group
- Hes more of a listener than a talker
-He doesn't flirt even though there are girls
-He won't talk in class unless he knows the answer
-He has strong opinions and occasionally and would think his opinion right
-He doesn't go out much at the weekends
-He would never really volunteer to do anything
-He gets along with most people
-He doesn't like being the leader
-He observes things alot
-He seems really organized
-Hes not into art or photography
-He doesn't join any social network sites as he doesn't like them
-Hes self-confident
-Hes not that touchy feely
-He doesn't really show much expression o his face when he speaks he has a serious face but smiles sometimes
-Hes the type of guy who'd he'll answer you if you talk to him but he's not much of a conversation person
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sounds more ISTJ. not INTJ.

INTJs are pretty obvious to me. Enjoy maths and sciences typically :) Love to argue, very self-confident. I wouldn't consider them quiet, though. They can be leaders if no one else is capable. Can be awkward. Does not understand social rituals.

this person sounds ISTJ. i don't see NT in them.
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maybe hes always quiet in class and outside class while people are talking. He does do a team for the younger kids school with his friend but hes more of the the assistant leader.
He also said he hasn't got a best friend just considers people friends even though he talks to this guy all the time and the seem close
I think you, as an INTP, would know if you were talking to an INTJ. You would 'get' each other - just like INFJs and INFPs get each other. Completely different functions, but you overlap in a way that you could just get along without too much miscommunication.

So... if you're having to sell yourself the idea that he's INTJ, then he's probably an ISTJ, or some other type. Know what I mean?

Have you tried to read descriptions of INTJs to see if they describe this guy?

Also, does he argue a lot and very easily? That's a clear INTJ trait.
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