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I was looking over a bit at the INTJ subforum, and I stole this idea from them :crazy:

I was wondering why we don't have this topic stickied :dry: Instead we only have,''what pisses you off about INFP's'' talk about being too hard on only ourselves, huh?

I'll try to start...

What pisses me off:

-When people act elitist

-When people act condescending and have the nerve to act as though it makes them intelligent. When in reality they come off as unwitty and attention seeking.

-When people act like feelings shouldn't matter. We are not robots, people!

-When people assume that I cannot stand up for myself, just because I can be tolerant. Push my limits, and you'll wish you never underestimated me.

-When people think that thinking inside their own self created boxes make them rational and smart.

-When people make stereotypes towards others based on things they cannot change, like how they were born.

-When people brainwash those who love them.

-Abusers who think they can get away with things when I can see right through them.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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