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I was just wondering what radio stations other people have programmed in their car (this will change from state to state I'm sure so please share what kind of music it is). Besides music stations, does anyone enjoy talk radio? If so, please share!

A list of mine. I live in Illinois:

  • Star 105.5 - Mostly hits songs old & new. Pop, Hip-hop, Country, Rock, etc.
    US 99.5 - Country
    The Loop 97.5 - Rock
    103.5 Kiss FM - Pop, Hip-hop, Rap, Rock.
    B 96.3 - Pop, Hip-hop, Rap, Rock.
    Q 101.1 - Alternative
    98.7 - Classical

I enjoy listening to some talk radio.

  • Love Line on Q 101.1 with Dr. Drew & Psycho Mike
    DreX in the Morning on 103.5 Kiss FM
    No Agenda - I listen to this sometimes via Podcast

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i unplugged the radio feature, can't stand it. got a cd filled with old metal, and it's been going on repeat for over a year now.
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