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what should I do?

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Lately, Ive had a bad streak with friendships because of misunderstandings and such, yet I always regain or gain new friends and have unforgettable times with them. Like many of you, sometimes I over think things and do things a bit too late. Today I was confronted by a random girl, she asked for the time and left. But before leaving the trolley(train for some) she gave me a piece of paper with her number and name and left.

What- if anything- should I do? I mean, should I call her and see where this takes me or should I just throw this damned piece of paper away? I mean, this is supposed to be a personal choice but curiosity is biting my leg, but reality knows how I am and I'll simply wither away after some time...
with school and with a band(Dead Morals on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads) I barely have time for myself.

has any one had a similar experience or have any advice?
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i think a big part of friendships not lasting is that we can see people quite clearly, and we also have very high ideals... combined we end up convincing ourselves to keep distance from most people, consciously or otherwise.

but eventually you'll find that certain people stick around, there's enough mutual understanding that no conflict could possibly come between you. the odds of finding these wonderful people are slim however! so take every chance you get! :happy:
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