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What similarities do you feel with other types?

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I'm an E8, and the similarities I share with each type, imo, seem to be:

E1 - Gut intelligence, "competitiveness is fun"
E2 - charm, wanting to help others, rejection-issues
E3 - Assertiveness, Justice-awareness, hard-working attitude
E4 - Reactivity, Exploring personality, some sort of intuition
E5 - Problem-solver-attitude, overconfidence of kinds, feeling like an outsider
E6 - Justice-awareness, living for others, some sort of confrontational attitude
E7 - Adventurers, fun, straight-talkers (I have a 7-wing, so some of this might be related to my wing)
E9 - Gut intelligence, a wish for peace (deep down in me, obsessive in them)

Hmm... That's it, I think
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E1- I'm definitely concerned with being virtuous and true to my ideals.
E2- I seek to be needed, often put the needs of others before my own to accomplish this :p Disintegration.
E3- Hm, I suppose I like to be recognized for my hard work. I have a bit of a performer's streak as well, but I think my motivations with that are related more to being a Four.
E5- Aloof, cerebral, a compulsive drive to understand as much as possible.
E6- Well, I have anxiety problems, lol. I like the concept of human connectedness, though I tend to fail to achieve it.
E7- Love mental stimulation, adventures, I'm also really rather epicurean. Indulgence.
E8- A nearly pathological aversion to the idea of being controlled by others (perhaps that's more CP 6ish). Strive for self-reliance, avoid needing others.
E9- Tend to numb myself to achieve a sense of neutrality. Can be a good mediator.

I love this post and I wish more people would participate!
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I love this post and I wish more people would participate!
Thanks! And yes! Please answer, people. I'm really interested!

Good answers, too, spectralsparrow. I relate to what you said about E8 and E4. :)
E1 - I'm perfectionistic.

- I have clingy urges.

E3 - I seek to impress.

E4 - I'm beautiful and aesthetically gifted.

E5 - I know about a lot of things.

E7 -
I have a short attention span.

E9 - I'm lazy and blank out.
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E4 - I'm beautiful and aesthetically gifted.

Also, why no Eight?
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Also, why no Eight?
There's nothing 8 about me.
1: solid beliefs from which I draw strength, authoritative presence
2: starving for intimacy :cry: (I'm also great at making people give it to me :tongue: )
3: I want to be seen as successful and competent
4: I have moments of being an emo bitch (in private)
5: detached, greedy, reclusive
6: fear/courage dichotomy, more prone to second guessing than my 7w8 cousins
8: territorial, control oriented, violent impulses
9: lazy, procrastination, narcotization
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I actually wasn't sure to think about this thread, at first. But, I've started to read through some Almaas and he seems to really like to drive home that all of the holy ideas are present in all of us. Pretty interesting to me. So, I thought I'd give this a try.

1.) Deep down inside me, I have some kinds of utopian desires. Although I am a very imperfect person and I am very accepting of other people who also do selfish, anti-social things, somehow I do have a sense that moral righteousness is such a valuable yet scarce thing in this world.

2.) I must admit that I do get a bit of a rush out of genuinely helping someone. I'd say I am more lackadaisical about whether my efforts are appreciated, but altruism truly is enjoyable. I have this theory that the real "prize" of capitalism isn't wealth, it's the ability to be boundlessly altruistic - to visibly see the fruits of your labor in helping people. Just look at all the billionaires throughout history, and what a kick they seem to have gotten out of throwing their money at causes. :tongue:

3.) Did I say helping people is a rush? Well, getting kudos and admiration when I succeed at something is an even bigger rush. I think, being a nine and being used to being overlooked, sometimes I kind of repress the fact that I love it. But, when I feel like everything's in order - perhaps when I'm integrating - I soak the praise up like a flower soaks up water.

4.) Honestly, this is one I have trouble understanding. But, I definitely do have an inherent drive to be unique and in a sense, better than others because of this uniqueness. Perhaps I am a bit of a closet hipster? But, it's not so dramatic... so I think it is more related to what I think is my 3w4 fix. There are also times when I get in touch with my emotions, and I enjoy experiencing their nuances. But, these moments are few and far between.

5.) It's hard to say where the nine detachment ends and the five detachment begins, but I definitely think I feel it most in the process of learning. I am a lot more voracious than most when I am learning - I am very systematic in acquiring knowledge, getting a grasp of things. And, it is not simply for the sake of it - it feels more like it gives me a sense of power - if I know more than "the other guy" then there is no way he could be better than me... could he? I am really quite confident in my 5w6 fix.

6.) This I'm not too sure about. I'm honestly a little unclear about how this type really works, so it's hard to say. However, I can definitely relate to the concept of being "counter-phobic." Most of the time, fear is something to be conquered for me, not to be... feared? At any rate, you are supposed to have the same stacking in your dis-integration point, and sx/sp 6 is CP, and I can definitely see that in me.

7.) I'd say I relate to seven most in my pleasure-seeking, and my polymath-like interest in such a damn variety of things. I love connecting the dots between disparate things - mostly for kicks - and as far as I can tell that is a common quality in sevens. But, I can't relate to the generous enthusiasm of a lot of sevens... I am much too selfish and reticent for that. :frustrating:

8.) Hmm... my wing... well, the biggest things would be my lust and my obsession with "checking" people who cross my boundaries. Honestly, something happened recently where I scared even myself with how angry I got when someone crossed the line. Yet, although the intensity scared me, I don't feel any sense of guilt. In my mind, no one can cross that line; if they do, you are justified in an aggressive response. It's true that if I think about it morally it might not make sense, but my overwhelming instinct is that no one has a right to mess with others in certain ways. Also, well, inside I am really quite a "fighter". :unsure:

This was actually a really interesting exercise! A very good idea for a thread.
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1 - Treating others with fairness and equality is incredibly important to me. That's probably my biggest moral code.

2 - This is the second in my tritype, so of course there is a lot of 2 in me. Helping people brings me a lot of satisfaction. It truly makes me feel warm to see another person doing better but especially if it's because of something I've said or done. It makes me feel like I'm actually valuable to this world. It's always shocking to me to know that I even have the ability to improve the lives of others, but when I'm told things like "you're the most helpful person I know", I feel so fulfilled.

3 - I hate to admit this, but I feel just a bit "cooler" when I'm around my physically attractive friends who have high social status. It's just a little thing, and I would never hang out with a person just because of that, but I sometimes like being around good-looking people. It's just a plus. It's like, "Whoa, they think I'm cool enough to be around /me/?" I feel more confident. I know it's shallow, so I hate this, but it's the truth.

4 - I think my dominant sexual instinct can make me 4-like. I'm always yearning for emotional intensity. I don't feel satisfied if I don't have something to "feel" about. Also, I've been told so many times that I'm very "genuine", and that's definitely the biggest quality that I seek in others. Like I don't really care if you're a selfish person or what-have-you as long as you're honest about who you are, then I'll accept you.

5 - This is also in my tritype, so I'm already connected to 5. I fucking love to learn. I don't go a day without at least a little bit of personal research or reading or questioning. When I'm at home, I almost completely withdraw from my family to read, research, and just ruminate in my thoughts and feelings. I need to withdraw to get everything sorted out. Admittedly, I am much more focused on feelings than anything else, but knowledge is also a big thing that I seek.

6 - Loyalty is so, so, so important to me. The longer the friendship, the more I value it, the more you can trust me to stick around--although my head type isn't 6, I'm still an ISFJ.

7 - Well, the 9 in me is like 7 in that I'm somewhat allergic to negativity. I get sad easily, as I'm very sensitive, but then I'm resilient as hell and quickly pick myself up with a new positive outlook. (I noticed that I'm drawn to Sevens more than any other type because they not only provide me with the energy I lack but also mesh with me due to our shared optimism.)

8 - I have an 8 wing, so I definitely have 8 qualities in me, without a doubt. I absolutely hate conflict, but when it arises, I don't back away from it. I can be incredibly aggressive in the heat of the moment. (I can tell it shocks people so much to see this timid little girl turn into a fire-breathing dragon, haha.) Peace is very much my end goal, but I believe things have to be settled by facing them head-on.
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Im not an expert in enneagram, I learn as I go but so far, being a very strong 3 Ones and twos seem to stand out to me the most at the moment and it could be the specific people that Ive been around but:

1) Assertive about who they are
2) Once they set out to love someone or to help them, the bond is very strong, theres a loyalty
8) Territorial like me

These are the only ones I have stuff to say about so far
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E1- Annoyance at anyone who is extremely moronic, holding myself accountable to my standards.
E2- Sometimes I do catch myself doing things with an underlying hope that someone will return the favor or recognize me for it.
E3- Trying to put out the best image of myself as often as I can.
E4- So much envy of what others have and an underlying awareness of my shortcomings at my worst times.
E5- A general sense of detachment from the world much of the time.
E6- Not wanting everything to be snatched from right under me and being abandoned is kind of a thing. But what can they take from you when you don't have anything?
E7- Indulging in many things as a distraction is a common tactic of mine.
E8- Territorial nature, detachment from most emotions other than anger, dislike of vulnerability and weakness.
E9- Passivity, "keeping the peace," anhedonia at times, narcotization, anger-denial, and the list goes on.
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type 9 -- i have certain tendencies to avoid conflict that are explicitly 9. it's curiously in reverse with my regular default nature. i dislike utterly pointless conflict. when i'm not getting any physical thrill out of the thing, when it's just a pure mind fuck, i actually tend to act like a complete 9 there. i ignore any form of continuance of the issue, i ignore the person/s i'm in conflict with, i zero all my response outputs and just completely blank it out like it didn't exist. to me, it does no longer exist. by that point this thing has started to disturb my inner peace/calmness, and it is also partly on those grounds that i do this.

it's interesting because this is where my core is overridden by an influence from a wing type that is not my wing.
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1: Having ideals and a "calling" to do something meaningful and feeling like crap when I don't live up to them.

2: Very occasional periods of compassion and self-sacrifice.

3: Placing heavy importance on what I do and feeling like crap when I accomplish nothing.

5: A strong preference for solitude and academic knowledge as opposed to "street smarts."

6: Periods of insecurity and a fear of having no "foundation."

7: A broad, wide-ranging interest in a number of topics and a fear/frustration that I won't have the time or opportunity to deepen my knowledge in all of them.

8: Probably the type I relate the least to, but every now and then I get outwardly angry and wonder if that's what an 8 feels like on a regular basis.

9: A search for inner peace (more so than outer peace) and a detached view of the world as a whole. Often allowing things to happen with moderate to minimal involvement from myself.
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8: Probably the type I relate the least to, but every now and then I get outwardly angry and wonder if that's what an 8 feels like on a regular basis.
Funny, since I relate to E4 a lot. It's probably the type I relate to the most except for my own type. But sure, it depends on the person. Some of the most bully-like E8s are definitely not E4-like, but there are those E8s who actually seem a bit E4-like: Steve Jobs, for example, at least at first glance, because of the extreme need to express himself, but then you check how much he has actually achieved, and realize he must be some other type. :p
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1: I used to complain a lot about people who were a burden on society. Lol. These days I couldn't care less.
3: Sometimes I get serious 3 angst, probably as a result of having it as my wing. It's like a milder version of what I'm used to with my 3 friends: I'm ugly, I suck, I'm basically worthless because I'm not #1, etc. And sometimes I get really motivated when I'm working on something and want to make it perfect.
4: I can be a little obsessed with my right to be authentic and not share my thoughts with others sometimes. I actually relate to and get along with 4s quite a bit, but I feel like their plight is sort of overblown and something they focus on way too much. This is just sounding offensive because I'm tired, but there's a reason my BFF is a 4. I think we're a lot alike, but there are still defining differences.
5: Sometimes I just hate people and want them to die? Idk
6: I sort of relate to the counter-phobia, but again, I'm not a 6.

Brain shut down and that's as far as I got, lol. I would say that in some ways I relate to 9 quite a bit as well, though. Probably because it's in my tritype.
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8: Probably the type I relate the least to, but every now and then I get outwardly angry and wonder if that's what an 8 feels like on a regular basis.
8s are trolls. That's all you need to know, lol. I've worked for FAR too many 8s.
1 - Principled? I relate the least.
2 - I want to be needed and I'll randomly give people presents. (I felt like this explanation was going to be longer.)
3 - I want to look successful; I don't want my ex-co-workers to know about my current occupation because it's not 'glamorous' enough.
4- Hi
5 - I hate to feel incompetent or lacking in knowledge/skill.
6 - "OMGOMGOMG" and needing security.
7 - ...Consumption issues...and using humor as a defense mechanism.
8 - I'm pretty aggressive about my space being violated (or sometimes just about the fact that other people exist?) and I will go to ridiculous lengths to avoid feeling vulnerable.
9 - Meek and avoidant of general conflict
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Not entirely sure of my type so I'm just gonna try to do ALL of them.

Type 1: I can be a bit of a perfectionist, I guess. Mostly about my artwork though.
Type 2: I guess I like it if someone needs me more than I need them.
Type 3: I do to some degree feel like worth is something to be earned through what I do.
Type 4: I feel different and defective often.
Type 5: I feel like the world can be very chaotic and overwhelming.
Type 6: I second-guess myself constantly. Can never feel completely sure of anything.
Type 7: I can be pretty scattered and prone to escapism. Might act entitled at times.
Type 8: I don't like other people having power over me or trying to control me.
Type 9: I tend to avoid conflict, and again, am prone to escapism.
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Type 1: Perfectionism, judgmental/critical of what I feel is wrong, feeling like I'm always right, having principles I want to adhere to (and others). Frustration with incompetence.

Type 2: I want ultimate emotional status with regards to my partner. I want to be the most important thing to them. Possessive to a fault.

Type 3: Confusion between how I am, and how I want to come across. Adapting to others so much I lose sight of how I am. Frustration with people who appear incompetent and make fools out of themselves. Bursts of competitiveness (especially in Sx things) and ambition. Using charm.

Type 5: Not much.

Type 6: I get anxious when I'm driving around and get lost :( Also, I relate to emotional reactivity, like pushing to get responses out of people in certain situations.

Type 7: Bursts of narcissism, need for excitement, novelty and mental stimulation, hate being bored/stuck in routine/repetition, gluttony, moments of shamelessness. Moving on easily once something is no longer stimulating.

Type 8: Dislike of weakness, and vulnerability - though that's not strictly 8ish.

Type 9: Narcotization, so much laziness and procrastination, zoning out.
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