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I really love Ana Moura, but I really do not speak Brazilian Portuguez (I also do not spell...apparently LOL Portuguese) and it's not that easy to find the English translations--so here is the lyrics ran through google translate (probably not that accurate):

I spend my days
In long lines
In villages, towns and cities
Swallows are queens
Flying the lines of freedom

I want to get my feet off the ground
I want to fly out of here
Go away by plane
And just come back one day!
I'll put the suitcase in the basement
Savor the Spring
Waiting and at the station

One day a swallow said
Daughter, the world turns
Use the breeze to your advantage
Life tells lies
But the sun warns before setting

My mother said
Let go of the wings
Turn your back
Be strong
Advance to the sea
Go up slopes
Place bets
In luck, not in bad luck

55201 - 55220 of 55342 Posts