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What three questions would you ask to tell if I am ENFJ or not?

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Hello confident and insightful ENFJ'S - can you tell who is one of your own? Am I? People on this site have typed me as INFP but I am not so sure and think I may be ENFJ ... would REALLY APPRECIATE some insightful and definitive questioning that would clear this up for me. Ta :)
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From what I can see of ENFJ's they are more people oreanted than us INFP's. Ask these questions.

1. How do you do in social situations? Are you more comfortable or do you tend to shy away?

2. If there is a mess in your room do you have a need to get it cleaned? Or do you not mind dirt and clutter?

3. If you were in a situation where one of your strongest values was being violated, would you try to make peace with the person and let your strongly held values be violated or would you stand up to the person?

ENFJ's seem to care more about human relationships than INFP's. And ENFJ's are more likely to clean up messed where INFP's will overlook them. And ENFJ"s are much much better in social situations.

I admire ENFJ's and wish I has some of their traits when it comes to social situations.
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Mmm.. those are pretty good. But to clarify some of his points..

Number 2: It's not really the actual "mess" that an ENFJ usually is bothered by.. we just have to be organized. It can be dirty, as long as we have it all organized in our heads. For example, my desk will be cluttered with paper, but cluttered in an organized way. I know where all my school homework is, and it's most likely organized by class, etc...

and number 3, we definitely hold our values and moral principles dearly. If someone doesn't agree with them, it really puts us over the edge. I wouldn't go out with anyone who didn't hold the same basic beliefs that I did, and I'm likely to end up debating with someone who disagreed with me over certain things.

But overall, yes, just ask yourself if you care about other people's feelings more than your own. If so, you're probably ENFJ. If not, probably not..
Thanks I was wondering how close I was. I have an ENFJ supervisor and I try to read him as much as possible.
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You seem to be doing a pretty good job so far, in that case! :D

I wish more ENFJ's responded more on the forums.. XD
Thank you. I too wish more ENFJ's would come here. But you guys are so social you don't need us.
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