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I think you're neither of those thing, I think you are ISFJ, although not the reasons why, my mom is also ISFJ, and she's about as momlike as moms get. Here are the real reasons:
My mind is so exact. For instance, if someone tells me to do something, I have to do it exactly how they want it. If they give me vague instructions, I freak out and worry if I am doing it wrong.
This points to Si over Ni, Ni would just remember the gist of what the person said, but might miss a few important things and get done faster, Si would be like you and do exactly what was said, maybe taking longer, but getting everything right.
I hate when people are hypocrites.
this also points to xSxJ (Si) as when someone is a hypocrite, they are conflicting information that you already know, which you said you hate when people do that, so, by extension, you would hate that people are challenging your memoires.
I have a hard time explaining things. Especially my feelings. Bad news for me because I want to be a teacher.
This is what pushed me to ISFJ, I've already stated that you're more Si than Ni (xsxj to xnxj), but a Te as opposed to an Fe would have no problem explaining whatever in a way that people could understand, and would most likely not speak of emotions to others.
I'm always the mom of my friend group making sure people have rides, making sure people get home safe, making sure everyone is taken care of, etc.
Big Fe pointer, Fe is all about connections, whats the best decision for the group, are these people for real, etc.
I'm a Scorpio.
Does not correlate with MBTI at all, otherwise there would only be 12 different personality types.
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