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Hello All,

I am new here at Personality Cafe. I thought this would be a great place to start. I took a personality test late last year and my results came out ISTJ. Then, I took another one earlier this year and found that I was an INFJ. I found the latter to be more fitting after a little research. But I just want to double check. I'm going to list some things about me and you tell me what you think.

-My mind is so exact. For instance, if someone tells me to do something, I have to do it exactly how they want it. If they give me vague instructions, I freak out and worry if I am doing it wrong.
-I hate when people are hypocrites. :angry:
-I also hate injustice; I just want life to be fair and can't stand when it isn't.
-I have an obsessive nature. For example, when I saw Hunger Games, I loved it so so much that I just got such an urge to read the books so I bought the first one and I'm reading it now. I want to be well-versed in it for the next movie.
-I have a hard time explaining things. Especially my feelings. Bad news for me because I want to be a teacher. :tongue:
-I love old things. I've always had a love for old things.
-I daydream a lot and think that life is a movie. It's quite annoying.
-I talk to myself a lot.
-I love music. I even play guitar and try to learn and write songs.
-I like to prove people wrong.
-I'm stubborn.
-Sometimes I feel so alone in the world. Like, I feel like there is no one out there, not even my husband, who is similar to me.
-I have impressive memory 80% of the time.
-I periodically feel trapped in life. The feeling is like "This is it? This is all I am alive for? I'd rather be somewhere beyond earth." Kinda depressing when that happens. :sad:
-Sometimes I cannot take a joke because I don't know if a person is serious or not.
-I'm not a very outgoing person; I have a hard time just walking up to someone and having a conversation with them. If I do, the conversation is quite painful because I try to think on my feet of something interesting to say to keep the ball moving.
-I make lists all the time. Lists about anything. They're so fun! :laughing:
-I'm always the mom of my friend group making sure people have rides, making sure people get home safe, making sure everyone is taken care of, etc.
-I'm not a big talker but I am an excellent listiner.
-After being around people for a long time, I like to take some moments to myself to become peaceful. Otherwise, I'll get cranky.
-It's hard for me to be mad at someone because I don't want them to be mad at me because I'm mad at them.
-I HATE confrontation.
-I'm a Scorpio.

I think that's a long enough list. Told you I like making lists. :wink: Anyways, you tell me: am I INFJ material?
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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