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I'm really confused about being N or S type... Can someone tell me please? I will not post and explanation about myself this time, I just want you to judge my MBTI type based on all posts and threads I made in this forums and aswell as those threads:

Thanks for the destroyed game economy. | Battlestar Galactica Online
Plazma Burst 2 • View topic - Battlefield 2018 (Lets discuss it)

And finaly the fact that I get bored fast and leave the game, unless It's something very interesting. I always get bored from playing games because you're bad at the game or get bored because usualy you spend your time searching enemies than fighting, while watching videos you always see fights (You know, edits), and I also make those kind of videos:

^ this video is made by me, I for some reason find more enjoyable to edit and watch videos like those rather than playing because usualy playing the game is more slow paced and gets you bored really quick.

Also, the fact that I like to watch those kind of videos and at the same time making them:

Also, this video is mine, made by me. I run that "Neutronian mapping" channel, It's my secondary channel, my main channel is "Tovarish Maxim".
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