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Me, I would say ESTP or ENTJ. No offence to the aforementioned types!

What about you folk?
"Intimidates" rather than annoy, so ENTP with sarcasm and negativity annoys me; ESTP with the pushy, selling, surface shit (not all of course--generalizing here) might top my list for personal experience because I grew up with a bulldozing ESTP.

I worked for an ENTJ and he was awesome and thought I was pretty OK too (Started a non-profit for poor kids, a prep school, and I was in on the ground floor--director of communications (capitalized); he did it, too--got the funding, got the staff, got it off the ground, then he got another one going... He might be working on this third as a consultant, I haven't kept up.

Another type, an ESTJ with a drinking problem, damn, that woman (corporate attorney) and I did not mesh.

She really thinks that if someone doesn't like all the material things she does, her version of success, designer clothes and what-all, they are losers, and she wasn't shy about making that clear, so I had a big L on my forehead as far as she was concerned.

ISTPs that think it's funny to do pranks like tip over canoes when someone can't swim, and similar 'oh, just having fun' kinds aren't intimidating so much as need to be whacked with one of the canoe paddles--smack in the face, knocked unconscious and oops, rolled overboard. jk

I'd go with ESTJ and ESTP for pushy.

I don't know about one 'intimidating type,' because no particular type intimidates me; it's those who have power over me and abuse it that intimidate me, so that can be a person from the types I've mentioned plus toss in whoever else can hold power over me: Makes me sweat, sometimes literally.
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