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Martyn is a friend of mine and I'm wondering what type he is.

A little about Martyn: He's 25 years old. He's is a very confident, approachable character. Most people describe him as happy because he has a very positive energy. However, people who are close to him know he puts on a front most of the time and he's actually been prone to depression - he just never shows it.

He's very open and honest and doesn't hide anything about himself - he'll happily tell you about very personal things like when he lost his virginity to the state of his mental health.

He's very assertive and slightly stubborn. He knows what he likes and works hard to put himself in a successful position. He doesn't really go out his way to help others, but is never mean and usually cooperative when asked.

His biggest passion is video games - he has a very childlike nature. He has a YouTube channel and he regularly commentates on them. He prefers playing video games to nights out - he actually hates clubbing/drinking etc. He's a natural in front of the camera and would make a good presenter or radio personality.

He's a people person, he doesn't really get emotionally attached to anyone - even his family or his girlfriend. But he is very loyal. He has a big heart and is very affectionate but doesn't get emotional or jealous or bitter in his relationships.

He's very level-headed and sensible. He doesn't usually get angry but occasionally he will burst with built up emotional rage if something really gets to him. But he'll calm down soon after.
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