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What type is my OH?

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I tried asking on the forums that I think he is, and have got little response so far. You lot seem to be pretty good at this so I'm asking here. It's a merge of two posts, hope the mods don't mind.

He can be incredibly fluffy and loving at times

He can also be incredibly moody - this has usually built up over a period of time when stuff that has been annoying him come to a head all in one go

He has opinions on most things, states them, and really does not give a stuff about how the receiver of the criticism feels about it. He has full faith in his opinion.

Once he gets an idea, or has a plan, he starts it and makes sure he finishes it, even if it means missing dinner, favourite radio/TV programme etc

He will randomly go out on his bike/go for a walk just for the heck of it

He will start a convo/debate with me, and be annoyed when I don't have an opinion and accuses me of disinterest

He is romantically random - he will do odd, loving things like buy some silly trinket because he knows I would like it, or cooks eggs and toast at 2am (as happened during the UK General Election as we stayed up most of the night watching)

He is 100% of what he is - no bullshit - and I love him for it

He is 100% loyal and gets angry with other people who are not, or don't keep their promises

He LOVES radio and car programmes (though this might just be a boy thing)

I could never convince him to do a MBTI test voluntarily

Things have to'm not talking OCD, but like the knives and spoons in the right order on the rack and facing the right way? (OK that sounds OCD) All his radios have to be in easily accessible spots from his place on the sofa.

Listening to the same piece of music again...and again....and again

An appreciation for the little things in life

Tidiness really is next to godliness. My gosh, don't I know it...

A way of making a tenner last seemingly for days

Gaining a rapport - with anyone - in seconds

I thought maybe ISFP or ISFJ. Oh, and whether it has any bearing or not, he's managed to put up with this INTP for over 20 years.
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I'll back up a Fi-dom also. He sounds like an ISFP guy I used to know - moody, spontaneous, very loyal. Whenever one of his friends would fall into some trouble he went out of his way to try and help him or at least offer his services in doing so. That arguing about opinions - P-types tend to hold stronger opinions than J-types I find - but it is perhaps because you're a Ti-dom and he is a Fi-dom that you don't have an opinion concerning some things that interest him because they haven't caught your interest. And yes, SPs are notorious for not being interested in personality profiling - I think the ISFP section of this forum is the most depopulated one :)

infjs can be moody but people around us would never know :p
I find that people openly expressing their feelings to others, projecting that image of being moody, tend to be dominant in Fi.
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