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INTJ female here, so stereotypically slow to pick up on social cues...wondering if anyone has a thought about what type this guy is and whether he is asking me out?

I've met him twice in person, both times in groups, though the first time we had a one-on-one conversation. He brought up a recent court case the last time we saw each other, so when the opinion came out, I emailed him about it after semi-stalkerishly obtaining his email address from a group email we had both been on. (Yes, I know, feel free to judge...). Email conversation as follows:

Me: [Summary of case and link.] What do you think?

Him, two weeks later: [Opinion of case.] But I don't know, I only read it twice.

Me, three days later: Yeah, the distinction between [two tests] seems a little arbitrary to me, but [more analysis]. They have to draw a line somewhere...

Oh, I forgot to ask you. Have you seen [movie title]?

Him, a few hours later: Arbitrary!?

Him, 10 minutes after last email: Yeah, sorry, I just realized my righteous indignation via the word "arbitrary" is unsubstantiated. What do normal people do in [city where I live]? I saw [movie] in [European country]. A year ago. (Blows dust off fingernails) Lets find a good play.
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