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I've recently been trying to pin a type on my (romantic)relationship preferences. General descriptions become very confusing and tough to formulate, so I've resorted to MBTI for a solution. If anyone has ever played the Resident Evil series, Jill Valentine's personality is a good example, along with "J.J." from the T.V. show Criminal Minds.

If you haven't seen or played either, I'll do my best to provide a description of the personality along with my preferences. There's no way I'll cover everything I should, so feel free to ask questions.

I prefer a girl who can take care of herself, who won't run to me for her issues unless completely necessary. Someone who is practical and level-headed, who wouldn't go in to a panic given something tragic/unexpected happens(would work with me to figure something out, rather than panic and look to me to figure everything out on my own). Someone who is socially acceptable and adept(even enjoys socializing), yet is soft spoken, however if somebody crosses the line she wouldn't be afraid to defend herself/others.

A girl who feels and has a soft heart, but also a firm mind. Subtle intimacy would be appreciated. I'm not in to PDA(Public Display of Affection) and I don't like having to constantly reassure someone of my love or their positives. Just a simple, "I'm glad you were there to help," along with a genuine smile is a MILLION times better for me than, "Oh, I love you so much, you're the best husband/boyfriend ever." *Hug*

A girl who is professional when it comes down to work(focused, doesn't wander, in to the task at hand.). A girl who is practical in what she wears, but still feminine and attractive. She'll do her nails, but she isn't scared to break one. A girl who will respect my space and privacy, who will not compliment me ALL the time, either. A girl who will offer advice when she feels necessary, but will allow me to learn on my own, through experience.

I apologize if the description seems a bit jumbled and hard to follow. I'm running on little sleep at the moment and I'm not thinking very clearly. Questions are welcome and appreciated.
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