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My uncommon beliefs would be more faith-related. As I've said before on here, I'm one of the VERY rare Christian INTPs. Growing up in church I was taught a lot of erroneous doctrine, and swallowed it unwittingly, but as I got older, I saw it for the hypocrisy that it was. After a LONG study of the Bible, and endless mental debates, I have finally discovered the true doctrine of the Gospel, which has been so distorted by man that I am surprised at discovering it. However, all the credit does not go to me. It all started when a read Leo Tolstoy's Christian manifesto called "My Religion: What I Believe". In that book he points out just how badly the church has perverted Christ's teachings over time, clarifies multiple contradictions in the Bible that used to bother me, and shows the sheer mind-blowing wisdom of Jesus's words. But then, when I began to share this enlightenment with other Christians, they would throw their beloved depravity-doctrine in my face, and whine about how no one will ever be capable of doing Christ's commands, because humans are so "evil." But regardless of what these sheep do or say, this is what I have come to believe. My uncommon belief is that believing in Christ consists of believing in His teaching, rather than in His physical body, as mainstream Christianity teaches. That's not to say that I don't believe that Christ rose from the grave and walked the earth, but that I place less importance on that fact than I do His actual words. There's a silly doctrine in protestantville which says that if a person believes in Christ's divinity, it will "cause" them to do good things. I could never accept this. There are plenty of professing Christians who make a mockery of Jesus by their lifestyle, have never helped a poor person in their life, and would stick a knife in your back without blinking. Are these good things? Of course not. And on top of this, they teach that putting Christ's words into practice will profit a person nothing, when Jesus Christ specifically says in the Gospel of Matthew that He will reward each man according to his deeds. After studying the Bible, I have come to the conclusion that Jesus Christ and His teachings are one and the same, and to believe in Him is to believe in His words, seeing them as the one true answer to life (To be specific, the sermon on the mount). I've never told anyone in my church these things, because I'm certain that they would have a cow and call me heretic, throwing their man-invented doctrines in my face. It's certainly an uncommon belief among Christians.
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