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I'm only going to list one, as it is kind of a long explanation- I am against gender stereotypes, biases, and general dissection, including the concept of transgenderism. I don't believe in gender in general. I believe your sex has nothing to do with your personality or appearance, but your sex specific parts and chromosomes. Who you are is defined by your personality, and your personality does not define what you physically are.
Society has come up with an idea of what they think an ideal male or female should be like and they have degraded both males and females by imposing their standards. Human beings are all different. A male or female may not show traits that perhaps most do, but it does not make them any less justified as a male or female. Because they have not been validated as being the sex that they are by society, some people have been at times ashamed of themselves or convinced that they are not indeed what they are, which is unhealthy and emotionally damaging (a sort of self rejection that is entirely unneccessary because they are simply looking at it the wrong way.) It makes me sad that a number of people are confused and can not accept their natural born sex because society has pushed their gender standards onto them. They are told "this is what a male is like" or "this is what a female is like" and feel that if they differ from that they MUST be the opposite gender. To link up a personality or preference in things you like to sex is insulting and degrading. We are all qualified as the sex we are born, BECAUSE we are the sex we are born. I do not believe in the ideals that someone else somewhere has set up, just because of a commonality. There is a full spectrum in both sexes. No one, is "mentally" anything but people, because that is implying that the minds of females and males are different things. Though there may be a typical norm, this is not true. The people themselves exemplify this by the very differences they use to justify the idea of transgender! Because people could not accept the minds and tastes of these people they feel they must not be what they are! In the process causing emotional turmoil and confusion that is unhealthy and entirely unnecessary. If you were born a male, you are a male, regardless of your likes and emotions. If you were born a female, you are a female, regardless of your likes and emotions. Your likes and emotions and personality are what makes you a beautiful person, and nothing else.
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