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The several times I've taken the Jung personality type test I usually got the INFJ result; sometimes INFP. I just took the test again today, ended up with INFP, read descriptions of it and am pretty satisfied. I once belonged to an astrology forum (for a very long time since I'm an INFP!) and the moderator there said I looked a lot like an INFP anyway. ; P And that I'm still young so am still changing, secondly.

So um... I'm supposed to be putting together a pathogen project here but of course I'm doing stuff like:

Using sound recorder to play around with my vocal abilities (acting/singing), listening to music. My Grandmother just caught me doing some crazy hip hop dancing in my room. And that's basically it right now.

This forum looks like a lot of fun! I just turned 17; my nicknames are Nat, Tash...

Kay. Lame post over and out.
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Welcome to the neighborhood!
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