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What was your childhood like?

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Just interested. I'm looking for relationships between parents and school (friends?) especially. And the 'age range' is 0 to 18.

So what was it like? (As in good,bad, etc. I also like stories, so tell some!)
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I can't remember most of it.

School was alright. I had 2 close friends.

Parents wise I was and still am fine with my mother. I never had a father figure for several years though.

So, yeah. It was nothing extraordinary.
i can't really remember mine either, a sedated dirge of wasted potential and purposeless seclusion, from everyone, everything. i always felt bound by a crippling normality, everything was fine felt hollow. i never really had a friend, i had a constant wave of kids that didn't get me or care to learn but the illusion of friendship was good enough, i guess i was a lonely child. i went from extremes of being a very polite, social, likeable and happy child to being dark, isolated, lonely and aggressively competitive. i felt under-appreciated, for sure...

i spent most of my time in my bedroom, doing...well, i'm not sure, nothing.

I never had many friends at school, I would sometimes have one for a while then they would have enough of me and I would be on my own for a bit until I found a new friend. At high school I finally found a small group of friends, so that was good. I got picked on and bullied a lot though because I was quite intelligent and introspective. And probaby quite unusual too but as I know now that was probably due to me being IN and not seeing things the same as lots of the ESs at my school. Home was fine, i spent lots of time in my room writing and making up stories or out playing. When I got a bit older I got into music too and had a band which was pretty fun. That time of my life was quite hard though from what I remember. I wouldn't want to do it again, or maybe I would but with the self-knowledge I have now.
Mine was abusive. I went through a lot of trauma so when I went to school I was in shock so I had trouble dealing with the normal kid issues. I was dealing with deeper issues.
Just like the posters before me, I don't remember much about my childhood.
But, I'm an only child, I grew up with my grandparents in the peaceful countryside.
I rarely went out of the house to play, I had a few friends (about two or three) that I only see in school.
I never liked social gatherings, I find it hard to talk to other kids, I don't know what to say to them.
I don't like sports, and I spent my time reading books or drawing stuff.

I grew up like other normal kids. I'm a bit invisible when in the crowd. I'm quiet and I don't stand out much.
Not great. Sometimes I wonder how I made it out alive. But, I don't like to dwell.

My mom is an ESFJ and my dad an INTJ. My mom has always been too controlling, and my dad not really present. School sucked.

But uni is awesome :happy: No point in dwelling on the past.
Not great. Sometimes I wonder how I made it out alive. But, I don't like to dwell.
Strange. It was strange.

I was homeschooled and my parents travelled a lot. Dad was much older than mom. He was paranoid and introverted in strange ways (INTP, I think). I really didn't have friends outside of the house between age 9 to 18. I remember a lot of depression and alone time. I rode my bicycle all day when I could. Life didn't really start opening up until I went to college. Still bear a lot of marks from childhood.
Mine was OK, I guess.

Lots of weird childhood tragedy issues, but also trips to Disneyworld, a really lovely friend I'm still close with, great brothers and cousins and aunts. I grew up in the suburbs, so there was lots of concern about fashion statements, toys and consumer products. I did a lot of reading and a ton of babysitting. I longed for belongings that had not been mass-produced.

School was a painful, painful torture process until I hit college.
I think my childhood screwed me up(but I've picked myself up), honestly. My mom was depressed(she still is, but the effects of it were much worse when I was younger), but I don't really want to go too into that. But there were some things that were very hard. And yes, I realize that it's no walk in the park for her as a person who is depressed.
But my parents never let my sister and I know that they had problems of any kind. I'm grateful for that. We were able to eat and live and have fun.
All school life, all of my teachers liked me. As for school, usually in about 1st-3rd grade, I was friends with everyone to some extent or, at the very least, we played together during recess. I never REALLY knew my dad until I was about six when we started taking trips to see him. For a short awhile before that, I used to think my sister who took care of me at the time was my mom and dad. I grew up in L.A., moved to the suburbs when I was around ten and a half with all of my family around (My mom, dad and sister) and I slowly realized my dad was an asshole who thought he could make everything better by buying me stuff and that without a job my mom liked to worry a lot.

Things got really boring when I was ten and continued for a very long time.
i had a good childhood. i had a lot of freedom to do what i wanted and when i wanted.i spent summers at the ymca pool and the library. i come from a working class family so both parents worked.

i remember being around 8 once and my mom n step dad weren't home so i took advantage and had an aligator party. aligators were these pastries like twinkies but made of chocolate and they were 35 cents. so i bought $3 worth and invitied my friends. we had a great time but someone broke a glass balerina my mom had on her dresser and i got my ass kicked over it (worth it!).

i remeber being the favorite. the good things i did were magnified and the bad things i did were minimized. i still feel guilty over that but i had no choice in the matter. i know it affected my brother and i.

in school i did enough to get by. i was never interested though i was a speaker at my graduation and i got a bunch of medals; i forgot for what. i was never pushed by my teachers or parents to do well. i think that school was too esoteric for my parents to help me with (chioce of colleges, the material, the focus). i joined the navy when i got out.
My childhood was stolen from me via Nintendo.
Awesome, I always had everything I wanted. My parents always had money. I haven't ever seen my parents fight ONCE in my life. But I also had a very controlling mother so that kinda sucked.
My childhood was pretty okay, as childhoods go, although my brother died when I was ten and I got bullied at school.
those were the only really bad things. apart from that, i have loving parents and yeah I was pretty okay.
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errr bad and lonely lol im still only 18 I turn 19 around the christmas period..............bullied throughout school, I changed primary school a couple of times due to bullying and eventually realised that I would probably have a rough time anywhere and spent the last years of high school eating lunch outside the Headteachers office. I think I was probably mildly extraverted until about the age of 9 or 10 and I used to do a lot sports but my interest became more and more solitary as I got older, I started playing upright bass and piano when I was 13 and i've been obsessed with jazz ever since.
I was close to my mother, in a power conflict with my father (which eventually settled in my favor), I was skipping school massively and doing research on my own, didn't speak much to anyone but my best friend. Overall, I had a happy childhood, without unreasonable expectations or demands. I was pretty much left to do and decide as I pleased (very lax parenting).
I'm so sorry to read the posts so far, everyone seems to have had to fight their own battles very early on in life. This is probably a good thing though, in the long run.. means you will be stronger in adulthood.
I personally had a magical childhood.. I remember every inch of it, between age 0-12 was the happiest time of my life. However, this was to the extent of not wanting to leave it behind, and I think I fought against growing up for a long time.I'm now 22 and have only really just accepted that its time to join reality.
Well to be honest I didn't have much of a childhood. I grew up without a father. He was psychotically violent (from what I hear) and mother left him. Mother was a workaholic so I was usually under the care of a stranger (various friends and such). Until one day I landed in the hospital (at the age of three) after experiencing an act of human cruelty. I woke up and was in a crib and everywhere around me there was crying and screaming. In the bed next to me there was a child covered in bandages from head to toe. Then there was a giant wolf in my bed (a stuffed animal of course) and it became my first friend. This is probably where my love for wolves came from. Mother never trusted anyone after that and decided that it was best to leave me home while she worked. No one ever came to visit me or see me. I was always awake at night and towards the morning. One night I saw something that chilled me to the bone. That event sparked my interest into the dark and macabre. Then there is a period of years that I have no memory at all. I was born again at the age of seven (this is when I started remembering things again and for some reason the world became full blown in color). I had some friends in school but no one I could truly relate to. Something was missing or not there. I don't know what it is and still can't place my finger on what it is. I am not defined by what has happened to me over the years. Though I have become somewhat of a misanthrope and have a high distrust of all people in general. Sometimes these thoughts get in the way of things. I easily get into fights (arguments) and am quick to criticize people, completely oblivious of their feelings. I've lost friends because of this.

But I am trying to change. It just gets hard sometimes.
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