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My childhood which is continuing as of this typing is how should i descrbie it? I am going to go in chrolongical order so maybe you can understand
birth-born without sufficent glucouse required injection
4 years old- got asthma, relations with older brother soured, pressured into doing something i have regretted and will continue to
5 years old- started school, acted out, taught myself pretty much everything from how to count to how to read, lacked friends, bullying started.
6 years old- developed enigma code for handwriting to deter cheaters still trying to fix it, continued in mischiveous acts, lacked friends, bullying continued.
7 years old- commited severe breach of la, expressed willingness to change, was beat up by my older brother for attempeting so, lacked friends, bullying continued.
8 years old- accepted Jesus Christ as my lord and saviour, turned behavoir around, relations with older brother hit rock bottom still traumitzed from the brutaility of our fights, school work improved, honesty improved, older brother left to go live with dad in MD and PA, took over all of his responsbilites, told "you are not a kid any more you are a man and you must work like one," lacked friends, bullying continued.
9 years old- continued improving in school and behaviour, lacked friends, bullying continued.
10 years old- self-proclamied depression although on the outside i attempeted to fight it, took intrest in politics, grew more knowledgebale about politics, studied on the civil war and the constituion, lacked friends, bullying continued.
11 years old- self-proclamied depression contiuned, became one of the most knowledgeable people in my elementray school, lacked friends, bullying ended in fifth grade.
12 years old-self proclamied depression contiuned but starting to alleviate, one of the most knowledgeable people in my middle school, lacked friends.
13 years old-self-proclamied depression under control, continuing to self-improve, older brother has returned and with it fear, third most knoweldgeable person in my middle school, still lack friends but starting to work on that as well.
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I had an okay childhood, my mom and dad got divorced when I was 5, and my father began taking anti depressants, I didnt see him much for the early part of my childhood, I began in school, and was intrigued by all the freedom and the people, I was a bit of a hellraiser in my early years, I got into fights, and was pulled in for many talks with my teachers who tried to 'correct' my behaviour, I never had it rough with my classmates though, I think I was a bit of the alpha male in the classroom, and I would often interrupt the teachers if I had jokes I wanted to say, or facts or corrections to what ever the teacher was trying to teach us at a given time. Of course there were the odd teacher from the 'olden times' who would try to discipline me, but luckily those teachers were heavily outnumbered by younger teachers who often had a much less authoritarian way of handling the classroom. I had a few girlfriends in fifth sixth grade, but I never liked having people to close to me, and often looked for excuses to cut of a relationship before it got too serious.
My father re entered my life when I was 7 but was always a bit distant and cold.
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