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I know they remake some of these...but my favs were the old classic Disney movies:

20,000 Leagues Under the Sea
The Parent Trap
The Love Bug
Old Yeller
Mary Poppins

...and a bunch of others.

What were your favorite children's movies?

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Super Mario Bros. (I actually liked this movie back then and still do. It's weird and cheesy, but that's why I love it. Probably why I got into stuff like Lynch, Cronenberg, and Carpenter later on in life.)

The Great Mouse Detective (My favorite Disney movie.)

Who Framed Roger Rabbit? (Love the mix of animation and live-action and it's just fun to watch.)

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Hmm, off the top of my head:

Beauty and the Beast (Belle was the smart book-lover, hehe)
The Lion King
Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (Gene Wilder rendition)
My Girl
The Neverending Story (A book-lover theme appears to be developing)
The Pagemaster (lol)
A Troll in Central Park
It Takes Two

I would go through periods of watching each of these over and over. I'm still like this today though. I may get tired of a show or movie I like for a while but if I get back into it again I don't care if it's on constantly for a while (even if it's usually just background noise). I do the same thing with music.
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I never liked Disney films or any "kids films". As a child during the 1970's I was very interested in the war, particularly WWII and I always wanted to stay up and watch war films.

So that would have been proper WWII films like "The Longest Day", "The Great Escape", "Ice cold in Alex",

"A Bridge Too Far"
# Battle of Britain
# Battle of the Bulge
# The Dam Busters
# The Guns of Navarone
# The Longest Day

etc etc!

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A lot of disney movies, primarily Lion King and Toy Story.

I also used to enjoy cartoon series like Inspector Gadget, Pokémon and most of the disney series as well. The disney show at 7pm every friday was my clear favourite :wink:

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Pocahontas, Aladdin, Beauty & the Beast, Cinderella, 101 Dalmations, Aristocats, Little Mermaid, Lion King, Mary Poppins, Rescuers Down Under, Fun & Fancy Free, Swiss Family Robinson, Bambi, Sword in the Stone, Star Wars: Episodes IV, V, & VI, and Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.

My parents never really let me watch television shows- only movies. So I watched them over and over until I moved on to another film. And since I have younger siblings- I watched movies with them when I got older. I've always felt stuck in the little kid range, even when I grew older. Oh well- I still love children's movies. ^_^

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Any Star Trek movie.
Any Star Wars movie.
The Planet of the Apes movies.
Flash Gordon.
The Back to the Future movies.
Better Off Dead.
The Beverly Hills Cop movies.
The two Bill & Ted movies.
The Breakfast Club.
Brewster's Millions.
Coming To America.
The Dead Zone.
Escape From New York.
Fast Times at Ridgemont High.
Raiders of the Lost Ark.
The Karate Kid.
The Lost Boys.
Maximum Overdrive.
Mr. Mom.
The Princess Bride.
Purple Rain.
Red Dawn.
Real Genius.
Revenge of the Nerds.
Rocky IV.
Working Girl.

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Just a few:

Land Before Time movie series
The Mask
Power Rangers movie
Willy Wonka
Childs Play(watched by accident)
Dr. Dolittle
Ever After
Toy Story 1 and 2
007 Goldeneye(older childhood)
Pokemon the First Movie
Stuart Little
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well, loved
ghost busters,
karate kid,
jurassic park,
day the earth stood still,
war of the worlds,
the blob,
the fog,
the trifids.

few more but cant think of the titles so i'll describe some; ppl get swallowed in sand and reapear with a maggot thing in their neck...

now i got thinkers block lol, i hope these have reminded some of your youth videos and films :)
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