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I got this sudden idea, I've seen so many MBTI examples for "each type's laugh" or "how each type would dance", and this just struck me as an extremely creative one to use.

So in your opinion, how would each type feel on the 7th day of creation, if they were God?

My ideas:

ISTJ- "Now I have order and duty in my world, I must conquer the next field: Time Travel."
ESTJ- "I created the laws of physics for this world, and they are laws that you will follow, because I know best."
ISFJ- "My beautiful world is finally finished! But...I forgot to create hot chocolate...I can't have one...noooo..."
ESFJ- "My world would not be complete without the lovely people who will live here. They are my babies, and I love them!"
ISTP- "This is my world. Don't like my world? Deal with it."
ESTP- "What are you talking about? I finished 2 days ago! Hell yeah, don't leave a bro hangin."
ISFP- "My world is a matter of empirical beauty, how dare you even say otherwise."
ESFP- "PARTY HARD, BIATCH. Crap I should have created more people."
INTJ- "And my plan is complete, hahaha! I must feel pride! But please don't touch me with your unworthy hands."
ENTJ- "Fuck why did I create humans again? Also is that tree too lop-sided?"
INTP- "Sorry but this world won't be finished until I have gotten out of bed and written my comprehensive theory of everything."
ENTP- "I didn't follow the book like any other God would have done, noo, which makes my world infinitely better than yours."
INFJ- "Why did I create people? They will just criticise my beautiful work, as if I don't need reminding of my flaws."
ENFJ- "I love people, because I made them who they are! But what if they don't appreciate my slavery..? All this work I have put into it, and they are going to just toss it away! Oh HEEELL no!"
INFP- "What if the world isn't perfect enough yet? It's not good enough! I hate my creation, I should be able to do better than this! *cries*"
ENFP- "Oh no, I think I forgot to create the rainbow goats. Nooooo!!!!"
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