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It can be any kind of team. Just list what types you like to have accompany you and what roles they'd play.

My team is a "conning" team. Kind of like Oceans 11, except I'm going with 5 people (including me)

INTP - I would come up with the plans

ESFP - This guy would be the token "ladies man"

ENFP - This woman would seduce men, but also give the team a "sensitive" side, basically keep us from getting too violent and/or radical

ISTJ - This would be our "handy man" good with cars, computers, bombs, etc.

ESTJ - This would be the token "betrayer", because we all know someone double crosses everyone else when these types of teams are formed. I mean, we are all criminals after all XD

That's the only type of team I could think of atm that is relatively small and interesting >.>
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