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What you do for a living doesn't matter.

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It only matters to people who care about having a title.

What defines you? Strip away jobs, clothing, cars.

Without having to answer "What do you do for a living?"

Can you actually tell me who you think you are?

I'm free without the constraints. I'm not meant to live in this world, I never was and when
someone tries to hammer my circle shape into a triangular opening, I will get stubborn.
I will not fit.
I'm meant to live without chains and shackles. I will not wear your slave suit and tie.
Not to be cool, not to make a statement. Doing so makes me into someone I'm not.
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I'm a girl that cares too much and wears her heart on her sleeve.
I'm always searching for something,I'm always
looking for improvements.
I want Love and I want to be loved.
I'll search untill I find the love I need.
I don't make judgements.
I'm honest and Open.
I want to inspire and help change the world.
I want to find someone that can know me fully.
I'm Stubborn.
I want to live an adventure I want to go everywhere and observe everything and everyone.
I want life at my fingertips.
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I was suppose to write about society and comforming/non conforming....
Instead I thought I was suppose to write about who I am inside...
I screwed up :X

I will say living off the grid has always had an appeal to me.
I love how they all work together as a community and really care for each other
and grow their own food/make their own energy.
It seems like a great and simple way to live.
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