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I have a lot of different motivations. I'm going to answer a few questions (not a lot because I get bored of them fast) and perhaps somebody else can notice a pattern or something and gauge my Enneatype. The questshionnaire (intentionally misspelled bc I like the way it sounds out loud)

1. How would an author describe you in a book? Write the paragraph that would introduce you in a novel.

Artistically minded person that was dealt a rough hand in life. Grew up poor, struggling, though with a loving family that nourished him. Grew up an angry kid lashing out at various circumstances. Hopelessness ensued, met other misfits along the way as a homeless teenager, started doing art together/making music together.Niche music that other misfits latched onto and the masses didn't seem to understand. Looked around, realized that a lot of us are staggering around hopeless. Started feeling connected to others. Calmed down over the years, started researching various causes of poverty after having suffered it. Became a positive force in local politics. Though occasionally prone to anger and wanting to burn down corrupt systems and local politicians. Used anger in artistic pursuits. Motivated mostly by anger, but also love. And rarely anything in between. Hated by anybody who profits from scamming others/fraud. sympathizes with those people, too, but willing to annihilate them to help poor and sick people.

3. What holds you back in life? This can be an internal or external force. If that thing were gone, what would be different? What would you do?

I'm simultaneously shy and proud and stubborn. Shyness was actually overtaken by anger a long time ago. So I can speak of how it is now compared to then. Now I am much more open with people and accepting. I used to be very skeptical of people but now I figure I have nothing to lose. So now I go after things instinctively and follow my heart more than my head. I used to be more in my head.

4. Your deepest secret has just been revealed to the person or people from whom you most wished to keep it. How do you feel? How do you react? What are the results on your life?

''Well, nothing to lose now..accept the changes that have come and perhaps even connect more with that person that now knows the secret since we are now allies of circumstance.''

5. You are offered one of three gifts: a bottle filled with water from the Fountain of Life, a crown which will give you peaceful dominion over the world's people for your entire (full) lifetime, and a ring which will unite you with your true love and ensure a happy, passionate marriage. Which do you choose and why? What are your hesitations and motivations?

definitely the last one. I'd not be into ruling over others because I don't believe I'm qualified to tell others how to do things. I'd be skeptical of the first one depending on who is offering it. the last one, though,
is undeniable.

6. You are offered one of three houses. The first is located in a big city and has historic and artistic value: it was designed by a great architect and was owned by interesting people in the past. Owning this house is very prestigious and guarantees you social status and a circle of friends, but it also comes with responsibility - you must keep the house up to code, manage the household, and give parties and events. The second house you may design using your imagination - literally your dream house - it is located in a very secluded location and no one is allowed to visit this house except you and your immediate family. The third house is very nice, but has no particular aesthetic appeal - a McMansion in short. It is in an extremely convenient location and is very secure. It is impossible for thieves to break in and it has no danger of natural disasters. You are guaranteed to be able to sell the house for double the price in twenty years. Which do you choose and why? What are your hesitations and motivations?

I prefer a vibrant city setting. I don't care about who lived there before, but I'm VERY into architecture and am very in tune with aesthetics and the motivation that brought the building into existence. I can pick up on the subtle vibes and nuances of the place. I prefer having a lively world surrounding me so I pick the first one. The prestige of it does nothing for me whatsoever, though. The only reason I chose it are the personal things mentioned.
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