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Im not really good at writing big english texts, so I will follow this "" and answer the questions.

As a note to the begging I'm now a 17 years old (male / boy), going in the highschool and I have musical anhedonia.

1. What aspect of your personality made you unsure of your type?
At the beginning this year I found MBTI and read almost everything about it, all time I thought I would be an INTP. But over long time many "traits" are "different", like being more organized or a aversion to any type of drugs like alcohol. And that I like in vacations to sitting many weeks alone at home without any social contact but in groups and longtime social development I'm often the most extroverted.

2. What do you yearn for in life? Why?
In a psychological way it's knowledge and possiblity to understand and in a physical way it's having enoug money and maybe a family. The most important is to have enough possibilities to live in full freedom.

3. Think about a time where you felt like you were at your finest. Tell us what made you feel that way.
This in moments where I can do whatever I want and to have no ?liabilities?, so mostly in my vacations. Also important is to having some projects (programming) I can work on and not sitting all day at home doing nothing.

4. What makes you feel inferior?
I feel inferior when I didnt do anything for days (Playing video games counts too, they give me just short happiness).
I also dont like it when I'm dependent to someone or generaly spending time with unkown extroverts. But in a group if
of two if there is direct interaction, I could even spend hours on the most boring things just to giving some Input and analyzing how the person reacts. As a addition I really rarly feel bad and the last time I cried not cause of physical harm was years ago.

5. What tends to weigh on your decisions? (Do you think about people, pro-cons, how you feel about it, etc.)
My decisions are mostly balanced. I mean that I dont like favored, everyone should have the same possiblities to "evolve". But I dont think my feeling about others is affecting my decisions (Assumed they arent something like familiy or best friends) My decisions are mix between my own moral and the facts that are avaible.

6. When working on a project what is normally your emphasis? Do you like to have control of the outcome?
I really dont like it to work on a project and and having no control about the outcome. In the most projects I have worked on I was mostly alone or the leader because in my view no one else was competent enough to manage and getting good results (Mainly for programming projects).

7. Describe us a time where you had a lot of fun. How is your memory of it?
The most fun do I have at either working on a big flowing project and seeing it built up or like I mentioned in number 4, to be in a group of two and to analyze the decision of the person. It's almost a ?compulsion? to analyze and see how different kind of people react.

8. When you want to learn something new, what feels more natural for you? (Are you more prone to be hands on, to theorize, to memorize, etc)
I'm not the kind of persons how like to learn by doing. I mostly like to learn through theory (thats one reason I love math and programming). I also hate to memorize thing but I have a very good long time memory and a not so good short time memory.

9. How organized do you to think of yourself as?
I'm always organized at the beginning of the most things, but over time everything get chaotic. So I often cleaning and organizing things periodically (Like my room every 2 weeks).

10. How do you judge new ideas? You try to understand the principles behind it to see if they make sense or do you look for information that supports it?
I'm theorizing my ideas mostly in my head and often without any constant connection to information from the outside. My ideas are often abstract and logical. And I'm very rarly telling these to others, not because I dont want to, just because there is no one (REALLY NO ONE :D) interested enough to stay.

11. You find harmony by making sure everyone is doing fine and belonging to a given group or by making sure that you follow what you believe and being yourself?
As I see the social life is primary a defined by groups. Even if you go alone or with others, theres is no way to dont be in any group because they are natural. As came in my new school some months ago, I analyzed my new classmates and passivly forced them to create a group of ~4 with me (They are all NT and NF) (our class does only have boys). As long as noone is trying to control anyone I'm fine.

12. Are you the kind that thinks before speaking or do you speak before thinking? Do you prefer one-on-one communication or group discussions?
I generaly prefer one-on-one communication if the oter person has something good to say or is able to listen, if not I prefer group discussion where no one realize that I dont listen or I simply go somewhere alone.

13. Do you jump into action right away or do you like to know where are you jumping before leaping? Does action speaks more than words?
I dont really understand the question, so I will try to answer it in a way I unterstanded it. For me the bodylanguage is not that important like that what someone says.

14. It's Saturday. You're at home, and your favorite show is about to start. Your friends call you for a night out. What will you do?
Stay at home, I was never at parties or something like that at the night and I wont.

15. How do you act when you're stressed out?
I will go faster to bed, sometimes I even like to go at ~18.00 sleeping and waking up at 3.00 at the morning. It's funny to have hours before going to school. Something else would be playing some video games or watching movies / video clips.

16. What makes you dislike the personalities of some people?
I hate it when people dont want to understand or are stubborn. I also dont like it when people dont let me doing what I want or are to obsessive of rules. I dont have anything against extroverts as long as they dont force me to go with them

17. Is there anything you really like talking about with other people?
I like to talk with other people about science, psychology or programming. But science almost no one I know is interested, I wont talk with anyone in the next time.

18. What kind of things do pay the least attention to in your life?
I dont like traditions, I could live without christmas and the others. For me they are just wasted time. I dont know that to add futher to this.

19. How do your friends perceive you? What is wrong about their perception? What would your friends never say about your personality?
Since I'm really bad at holding friendships I can just say that the half of them thing I'm playing videogames all day and the others thing I'm programming all day. But they wouldnt say that I'm dump or illogical.

20) You got a whole day to do whatever you like. What kind of activities do you feel like doing?
Since I had the last weeks to do whatever I want, I can say that I spent the most time at programming and playing videogames.
For those who are interested, I'm good at c++, Lua and medium at java and assembly. I mostly like low-level programming.

I'll answer every open question and I'm sorry for the bad grammar and syntax errors because I did'nt have any time to check my text. Also previous thanks for all answers and recommendations.
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