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What's my personality type?

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1. When working on a project where do you place your emphasis? the process of putting it together? or the final product? (Do you experiment with your perspectives to create ideas?) I place my emphasis on teamwork where everyone works together to get the project complete.

2. Are you a realist? Are you more of a no nonsense type of person? I'm not much of a realist. I have my head in the clouds.My common sense is sometimes lacking. I'm also absent-minded.

3. Would you say you make decisions quickly? or do you take a while coming to a conclusion, because you hope you're not missing some vital information that will change your mind?
I'm not very decisive. It takes me quite a while to come to a decision. I like to keep open until more options are availible.

4. Do you ever experience nostalgia? For instance being able to completely remember a mood of a past experience/time?
Yes I do get the experience of nostalgia sometimes. Especially of all the momentos I've collected over the years.

5. Are you of the rebellious sort? The sort who rebels for no reason other than to rebel against authority?
I usually follow the rules. I'm not the rebellious sort at all. But when the rules get pointless, then and only then do I ever rebel.

6. When watching a film and critiquing it? Do you critique it based on details in the film, for instance on how you thought a certain portion of it was un-realistic (or something along those lines) or based on the idea or point they were trying to get across/how well they got it across? I watch the film based on its overall message that gets to point of where they're getting across.

7. When debating with others, do you ever get the feeling or state for that matter, that you can see where your opponent is coming from? Yes because it is better to come to a compromise than be in a heated argument.

8. Do you notice symbols in the world, do you ever try and wrap the symbol back to an idea that you believe?
I do notice the symbols in the world. I look at the big picture to get an overview.

9. Are you hurt by criticisms? Do you get personally offended when people try and criticize you? or are you thick skinned?
I get very offended by any form of criticism. I'm very thin skinned.

10. Say for example your learning about cameras in school, would you be more inclined to go home right away and read a whole shit load on cameras so you feel confident in your knowledge of cameras? or would you feel perfectly comfortable when the teacher calls on people to come try it out, to just hop up there and start using it?
I would feel better if I went home and studied about cameras. That way I would be better prepared when I came into class with my knowledge about cameras.

11. When you are out do you worry about how people will interpret any action you take? (sort of in a seinfeld sort of way, where they over analyze actions people make, trying to find their true motivation) Do you feel a sort of pressure from this?
Not really. I don't worry about how people will interpret any action I take. I don't feel any pressure from this at all.

12. In a classroom setting do you ever find yourself helping other people out with projects or homework when you see their struggling? Do you do this to make yourself feel more comfortable? Yes because helping others is what I live for. I'm always wanting to be a helping hand.

13. Do you find yourself ranting to your friends about how a certain something could have been done way easier? Not really. I know there can be problems but overall life is very sweet. I do sometimes rant about how I do sometimes run my mouth too much.

14. How does your average day go in general?
When I have nothing to do: watch tv, surf the internet, play facebook, and do exercise.

15. What things do you value the most?
Love, modesty, kindness, compassion

16. What things regularly bug you?
When I'm being bossed around by superiors who have nothing better to do than being jerks. Being stuck in a rut with nothing to do. Routine. Too many details.

17. What do you value most in other people and what qualities do you find most repulsive in others?
I value mostly people who are understanding and kind. I value generosity, integrity and basically, just being kind to others. I like to see people getting along and being friends.

18. How do you evaluate people in general?
I check them based on how well they treat each other. Then I ask them some questions about their likes and dislikes to get a better picture of how they are.

19. How do you arrive at your decisions?
Well I try to focus on the impact it will have on others. I try to make sure that my decisions are ethical. Then I try to make sure that everyone will benefit.

20. What factors are you most likely to pay attention to when deciding on things?
Whether it will be important to benefit me in the long run.

21. Any peculiarities that you have noticed about your personality?
I hate to feel moody. I feel like I need to be in control. I can't stand it when I'm not in control, it makes me feel worthless.

22. Anything that makes you stand out from other people that you know?
People say I'm modest and kind. They also say I'm a very good friend.

23. What do you yourself think are your strengths and weaknesses?
Strengths: intelligent, friendly, kind, compassionate, generous
Weaknesses: self-critical, self-doubting, overly analytical, stubborn, and naive

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These answers aren't really revealing anything. Too generic.
Could you try one of these questionnaires instead?
And really take time explaining your responses. MBTI is about cognitive functions. Your inner process of making decisions.
We can't see that unless you give us enough to work with.
I would say INFP/ENFP based on your values (kindness, compassion), your absent mindedness, indecisiveness, living to help others. Your weaknesses also point to these types.
Though if I had to guess, I would say INFP. Fi seems more apparent than Ne. Your preference for lack of routine and seeing the big picture are P traits and Ne traits.
Try and read up on the different functions seperately to determine which ones most closely fit.
Intuition (extroverted and introverted), Sensing (e and i), Thinking (e and i), Feeling (e and i)

Good Luck!
I took the PerC quiz and came out INFP.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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