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I've been looking more into enneagram tritype recently and I've found i can't work out which one I am. I'll leave a description of my personality below and if you guys could tell me which one you think i am that would be great.

Probably the most striking thing about me is my imagination. I'm always walking around calculating and thinking about ideas and making up stories. I'm definitely intelligent and have an iq of 146 but still very lazy and bored whenever i have to work too hard, or work at all. I'm bored when doing sport and prefer intellectual stimulation rather than psychical exercise. I warm easily to complicated concepts and spend much of my time attempting to explain theories to people.

I'm sarcastic and often cynical, though I'm also a touch idealistic. I've been criticized by friends for being too light hearted in stressful situations and I'm always too optimistic, which sometimes leads to disappointment.

I'm massive reader and I'd define myself as an introvert, though I'm far from shy. I'm actually very popular at my school for being something of a class clown, even though i tend to get good grades.

I'm unskilled at helping others, and I've been told Im lazy when handling problems. I like leading, though more for the fun of it than anything else. I'm quite well liked by women, possibly because I'm fairly empathetic when talking to them. I'm a good listener, but this is because I'm always in my own head. My primary fear is to be normal, something I'm far from - I'm proud to be called a weirdo by others. I have aspergers, something that's never seriously affected me besides occasional desires to hop around like a rabbit (weird I know)

That's all I can think of for now. I hope it's enough information and if it isn't feel free to ask me questions. It would be preferable to know the order of my tritype, but just the three numbers would do

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