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1.) Is there anything that may affect the way you answer the questions? For example, a stressful time, mental illness, medications, special life circumstances? Other useful information includes sex, age, and current state of mind.

There's nothing different going on in my life, so I'd say 'no'

2.) What kind of person are you and why?

I never put much though on what kind of person I am. I would say I'm a normal one. Im easygoing, nice, calm, I like spending time on my hobbies (motorcycle, welding, repairing). I tend to procrastinate when it comes to things that don't interest me.

3.) What about your personality most distinguishes you from everyone else?

I don't see anything outstanding. I guess that I'm calm and get along with everybody

4.) Do you think there are any differences between how you described yourself and how people actually perceive you? How do you think others would describe you? If there are any discrepancies between these two that you are aware of; do you know why exactly that is?

I think there would be differences. I think it would depend on who's describing me, but I don't know how people perceive me. One of my friends said I'm bad at reading people.

5.) How do you react to new situations in your life? Can you describe an event in your life where you were in an unknown situation? How did you deal with it?

I don't think I had many different experiences, but I would probably do it well, I think I'm adaptable and I think things usually turn out fine.

6.) How do you judge new ideas? What tends to weigh on your decisions?

I hear them and then I think about it and I see if it makes sense. It depends on the idea, if it's like a political idea what matters the most for me would be to make the most amount of people happy and efficiency. But I'm not very into politics. If it's a mechanical project I see if it's doable, cheap, fun, these sort of stuff.

7.) Describe your relationship to order and chaos. What do order and chaos mean to you? How do they manifest in your daily life?

Tidy and unorganized? Laws and no laws. My room is pretty messy and I don't have a schedule, but I have some sort of a routine.

8.) What activities energize you most? Describe what an enjoyable situation is for you.

Depends on my mood. I like working on my projects, watching youtube videos, swimming, camping, travelling, chilling.

9.) You are given a reasonable budget and must buy and prepare a Holiday (Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc.) dinner. What are you thinking? What do you buy? What do you do?

I would buy beer and food for myself and ask what everybody else wants.

9.) What activities drain you most? Describe what a stressful situation is for you.

Problems with friendships or relashionships, but I rarely have these problems. I also get upset when I repeat a mistake.

10.) Do you see ideas as revolving around core concepts or as gateways to new ideas?

I don't know.

11.) Do you find yourself to be obsessive about topics? Do you continually divine value from something you already understand or do you move on once you feel you have a fair enough understanding?

I wouldn't say i get obsessed. If I like something I keep doing it and if I don't like it anymore then I stop.

12.) What do you like about traveling and what would you do if you could travel anywhere?

It's nice to see a different scenario and distract from work/studies. I would go to Chernobyl

13.) What is it that you desire in life? What do you strive to achieve? Why? Where do you think these drives and desires stem from or are inspired by?

I don't have any big ambitions. I just wanna keep having a good life. I don't know where it comes from, I guess it's normal to like having fun and being happy. I would also like to get all types of different driver's licenses, that would be nice.

14.) What type do you think you are? Why this/these type(s)? Is there a type that appeals to you, to your self-perception, that you would like to be? Why?

I think I'm an introvert, but I don't feel like im any type, there's always something off in the descriptions. I think i'd be an ISTP but nicer and calmer or an ISFP but less artistic and not good at reading people. There's no type I'd particularly like to be.

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I'm not very experienced with typing yet, so my response might be highly inaccurate.
ISTP for me seems to be the type that fits most to what you wrote.
some presence of Ti (interest in welding/repairing/mechanical projects might indicate that, not sure).
a lot of Se.
inferior Fe (issues with reading people and you feeling drained when resolving something with them. "Making most people happy" as criteria/priority in judging political or maybe others ideas)
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