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What's my type? Based on my description INFJ? INFTJ? INFP??

Hi everyone
most of the "intro" and what I want to say can probably be found in the "intro" :laughing:

Anyways, I anticipated it to be a short intro but it turned out to be quite a comprehensive description of myself. I decided to just repost my intro on this forum rather than type up another description of myself. Looking at it though, I leave out quite a but about myself. I left out the "introverted" side of me (if you know what I mean) and some other personal problems. For example, I was mostly following the recommended intro structure so I only answered those questions. I have also left out my current situation and quite a lot about my life but I am hoping that you can still judge what type I am based on that. Or I've heared that you can judge someone just based on their writing style.

Most of what I want to say can be found there so I shouldn't talk too much here to avoid repetition.

Hi everyone,

I have followed Personality Cafe for quite a while now but never thought of signing up until now. This is the first time ever I've ever actually wrote a "hi" thread on a forum. Usually I don't introduce myself on new forums. But since this is a personality type forum, I must as well do so :tongue:

I've read the sticky up top so I will try and list some of the points. For names, I think I will just prefer my username, hearing people call my name of the internet is kinda awkward for me (it's not an unusual name). I'm a male, originally brought up in Malaysia, moved to Australia a few years back. Some people would find it unusual, but the best part of the holiday for me would be being at the airport or when flying in the plane. Part of it might be because I am a huge aviation enthusiast.

I really like how being in a different country can give such a different perspective on the world. It really does! And I can't explain it. Malaysia and Australia give such different "feels" or moods to perspectives. It really is different. It gives you different views on life, mainly caused by the different people and culture.

I am 14, turning 15 this year. Yes, I usually hardly ever act my age (lol). I fancy talking to adults more than people of my age. I took some mental age tests just for fun (not really accurate) and it's around 30 years old. Even when I was young, I found some children fun but boring, if you know what I mean. That doesn't mean that I don't like people my own age, I just prefer more mature people more. The people I talk to always seems either too serious or the opposite. Or maybe it's just me.

I tend to notice people's (permanent?) changes in behavior when they enter puberty. It makes me really disappointed when they try to conform to the wrong "type" of image. For example, I get surprised when I meet them again after a long time, and all they can do is cuss and talk about perverse things. Me? I actually can notice myself changing. It's like a third person view. I notice myself becoming way to conscious, and that leads me to become too quiet. Another thing connected to that is that I noticed that my "perfectionist" ideal has become ridiculously critical. I find myself going an "all or nothing" attitude, which is really not that good. So I tend to refrain from even trying if I think I won't do well, which is really a setback. I find I do best when I am not even trying to do well! It's crazy what happens when you stop trying to be a perfectionist!

I usually like those teachers that are really interested to "know" you. Especially the ones that share the same intuitive ideas or interests. I really like talking those middle aged ladies that are always very warm, supportive and kind that are interested in getting to know better about you.

I've been reading the Myer Briggs theory for a few months now. I don't use it as a firm scale to measure people but to get a better idea of different perspectives and to learn more about myself and how I think. Also, I don't believe that there are concrete limitations of what each type can do. Yes, there are things each type may find hard, but they aren't really limits. I also resist the urge to type people (even though I do). The main reason is that I do not like stereotypes. I don't want to let a stereotype (that might be totally wrong and misjudged) impact how I see people.

I've been also trying to learn more about the functions and how they work. The first test I tried was the I got typed as an INFJ. From there on, there were many sleepless nights. I got really confused because some other websites said that I was an INTJ and I was looking up every single article on the internet, trying to find which type I was. Phew! That was frustrating. Then I read INFJ are one of the most rational types. That seemed to stop my doubting. I really like having multiple sources to cross check information. I hardly make conclusions from just one article alone. I usually doubt my conclusions from time to time.

Now, I am trying to figure out whether I am an INFJ or INFP. I read some of the functions of the INFP and I can really relate to some of them. For example, extroverted thinking is something that I seem to do. I am really a huge fan of science, especially in the area of space and aviation. I'm not sure, but my "science brain" really relates to extroverted thinking. Not really sure how introverted thinking works. Another thing is introverted feeling. Is that the function that assigns feelings to situation and objects? I read that it assigns like a "feel" to an object. If that is introverted feeling, then I can definitely relate to that. So basically, now I'm stuck working out whether I am INFP or INFJ. Trust me, I have dug up almost every article and thread on it and I still cannot make up my mind. I can relate to both!

My test results on 16personalities are always constant - INFJ. On other wbsites I have got INTJ and even ISFJ! But mostly INFJ. I have done the function test and the results were just confusing. I took it two times and got two separate results. I think the first time I took it I got mumbled functions that somewhat resembled INTJ, and the second time I took it I got INFJ with other mumbled functions. I think the problem was that I find it really, really, really, (REALLY) hard to make up my mind to categorize what I feel. Is that somewhat me? Totally me? I find it really hard because of the statements, if I was given an example it might be easier. But for example, you take initiatives. With my friends or people I feel "confident" with, yes! All the time. But with strangers? No. So would that be neutral? I find it really hard relating statements to myself

I like being around ENTPs and ENFPs. ENFPs are usually fun and on the same level, however the ENFP I'm with seems a little too "for the attention" and doesn't really commit. ENTPs are interesting, but can be annoying too. Now they are one of my best friends, we used to be mortal enemies. Part of the reason is the ENTP's ego. Or pride, it gets really annoying when they want to do stuff their own "ways". Don't take me wrongly, I absolutely love creativity, but I detest the kind of creativity based on pride and trying to show off. And what's worst, is when it doesn't work at all -_- Like for example, he tried to solve square roots without using a calculator... either to challenge himself or to boast his "intelligence". That didn't work. Anyways, they are one of my best friends, I find it is incredibly easy to focus on flaws and lose track on what is actually good. Why focus on the 10% out of the 90%.

I'm not sure what type this would be, but I dislike the manipulative type. I can see when they are trying to manipulate for the good of others - that in completely acceptable. However I hate people who manipulate other people for selfish intent. Or those who take advantage of the quiet ones. Grrrr. I guess it can apply to any type. Not just a specific one. But I mostly found ESTPs like that. (Or maybe mistyped? I don't want to make false assumptions - worst case scenario).

I also hate this type- I have an example. The other day, I had some free time in class. So I decided to take out this strategic game. So I wasn't do so well, because I was compromising what is right to lsiten to my other friend -_-. Then this random guy (that I sorta knew) came in and just butt everyone out of the way, calling everyone noobs, being bossy and telling us how to play it. Firstly, I know how to play it ok? (I am really refraining using caps right now.) Secondly, who do you think you are?! My game, my iPad, my friends, my free time. Who are you to budge in and tell me how to enjoy something. This doesn't affect you in ANY way whatsoever! (Okay, maybe using caps for 3 letters are ok :p) Yes, so what type is that most likely?

Another problem I have with that same type is I get the feeling that they are trying to act "cool" too much, or maybe that's how they are. But it get really annoying when they talk. (Again, I really try not to judge, but yea...) So right now, the "cool" trend is acting like you don't care about anything. And that annoys the heck out of me. (Although I might seem that way when joking...) I also really hate it when they just butt people out of the way or distract others because they are doing something for their own satisfaction. Yes, the word is selfish. I don't like selfish types. Another thing that puts me off is sailor mouth, swearing faster than light speed. I can cope with it, but it is really bad morally too. And I get worried that having bad friends corrupts character. I also hate those people who are critical. Not those who overthink, but those who are critical about material stuff and gets verbally angry with people because of their "criticalness". Oh and lastly, those people who are being deliberately annoying to raise attention for themselves or who pride themselves in doing so.

I have taken some ennegram tests, I did a really long one but it seems kaput. My 4 and 5 are equal, to the percentage. 82% on each. But even though it's equal, I get typed as 5. On other tests I get 4. So either 4 or 5. I did another test, but I'm not sure if I can trust the results (The other test on the page was the kaput one). I got 4w3 with the kaput test alternative. The kaput test gave me 1w2. Not sure if those ones can be trusted.

So as of right now, I am following the structure that it recommends in the sticky. I always tend to do this- I always tend to tell people randomly pieces of what I'm doing or thinking. For example, when I get stuck reading my paragraph in class I can get embarrassed or panicked, but unlike others, I would state honestly in a humorous tone what I'm thinking/feeling or the problem. For example: "Uh oh, my writing is so bad that I can't read what I wrote!" And my teacher said: "Now you know how I feel..." (lol, a little inside joke). I tend not to keep it inside when embarrassed or panic, but state it openly or plainly. Or when I panic I would describe the nearest object. Like: "Oh, pink!!" (I was looking at a folder at the time)

I hope to get a job where I can be financially comfortable. I would also like a job that I actually enjoy doing, and where I am in a position to make a difference. I like both aviation and science, but those technical work can get boring for me. Not saying that I don't like technical stuff, such as maths, but I won't like doing something exactly the same each time, which would be boring. Or where I won't be able to voice an opinion, that would be horrible. I am usually good at what I do. I tend to learn extremely fast compared to other people and I can self-teach very quickly. I know where to find information. I can get abstract ideas fairly well too. I also enjoy doing things to perfection in a creative manner too.

One thing I really would hate to do, is boasting. I absolutely hate the idea of showing off (myself). I would hate to fall into the trap of "putting myself above other people". When I do that, I just feel bad. I'm not sure whether it comes from a rational or irrational thought. But I tend to see myself in 3rd person and if I detect that I have been over promoting, it's really embarrassing. I would hate to look too proud, snobbish or haughty. I just want to correct a problem when I see it!

By the way, I am currently a (Christian?) The main reason why I put a question mark is because I'm not sure if I am really a good example of one :p Another reason is that my views are currently in conflict. High conflict. Huge conflict. As a teen, societies (bad?) standards do get to you, usually because of other people. I'm not the type that try and change everyone. However, I do like intellectual debates to remove common misconceptions. And another thing is that when someone strongly talks bad about beliefs and all that and try to offend others, that is when *Aggressive mode activated*. But other than that, I really enjoy having conversations with others on their view points and beliefs and why they think that way.

Out of this forum, I would love to learn more about myself and other people. I wouldn't want to see this forum just as a "typing" station, where you are so attached to your type or where you view this too much as a religion. That would be devastating. Rather, I view this as a place to share ideas and get help. I also find it really interesting to get a different perspective of the world - a perspective that can only be seen from another person's eyes.

Ok, looking back at what I wrote now, I started off very brief, then it got larger and LARGER. I never intended to write so much haha.

Oh and... Based on what I wrote, what type do I seem to be? I've always been interested in how your writing can show what type you are. I might also try and post this in another forum to try and work out my type.

I appreciate anyone who have (somehow) managed read through the long intro. I don't usually do intros. And I do appreciate any responses you might have or if you can try and work out what type I am, based on that. :wink:

And another thing... I usually tend to read people well, but I normally can't tell what they think about me, or any problems they might think I have (being too critical, etc.). I really don't have friends that talk that way. So based on what I wrote, I'd like to hear your opinions about my character itself. Your opinion would provide a great insight.

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Hi, I've been fascinated with mbti and especially enneagram. I'm not as experienced in typing people as others on this forum, but I'll give it a try.

I'll start with the enneagram:
The difference between the 1 and the 4/5 is that Ones like to act out their ideas in the real world, whereas Fours and Fives like to enjoy ideas in their mental world. Based on your text, I'd say you're much more likely a Four or Five than a One.
The difference between 4 and 5 is that Fours are much more emotional. They spend a lot of time analyzing their emotions and get lost in them, if they're too strong. Fives look at their emotions in a rational way and try not to be carried away. Both types fantasise, but Fours fantasise about their relations with other people, while Fives fantasise about more abstract ideas which intriguing. Fours are good at noticing emotions inside them, while Fives are skilledat noticing things in the outside world.
(Most often, Fours are F's in the mbti, and Fives are usually T's. But there are always exceptions, I've found on this forum)

I personally suspect Four (with a Five-wing). Your paragraphes on how you dislike boasting, suggest this. Being a Four, I generally disgust myself when I'm boasting. I feel I have to keep myself a bit down. Also, trying to explain why you are writing this seems very Four-ish (and recognisable) to me. I constantly feel that I have to answer for what I'm writing, or even apologise. Btw, people often think I'm a Five, and at first I thought so too.

One final remark:
If you doubt between J and P, I suggest you ask yourself 'When do I feel safest? When I've made a decision (J) or when I have my options open (P)?'

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When I reread your text, I'm more and more convinced you're a Four. There are a few parts I recognize in my self. For example:

'I usually tend to read people well, but I normally can't tell what they think about me'

'The main reason is that I do not like stereotypes. I don't want to let a stereotype (that might be totally wrong and misjudged) impact how I see people. '

'It makes me really disappointed when they try to conform to the wrong "type" of image.'

All these things reflect being a Four I think. So does your writing style. You seem to follow your stream of conscious. Before expressing a strong opinion, you seem to first consider the opposite for a while. And as I've mentioned already: feeling the need to explain why you are telling something. I guess you're most interested in mbti, but I hope my enneagram analysis can interest you as well.

Good luck on your quest!
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