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Almost every single type you listed as testing for has Fi except for Ti. Therefore, based on that, I would work on the assumption you have Fi.

I always suggest reading on cognitive functions; but for the time being, I'd go with intj, keep learning about the types as a casual observer, and change it later if you see fit.

INTP- Ti Ne Si Fe
INTJ- Ni Te Fi Se

I know this probably won't help you much seeing as how confused yuo are now, but these types have entirely different functions. Reading about how the funtions play into the types should help you.

Here are some questions, answer honestly, I'll tell you what I think:

When talking about ideas to someone, do you tend to have lots of pauses or breaks in your speaking as you reach for your thoughts?

Is proper diction important to you?

Do you come off as abrasive to others sometimes?

Do you come off as nerdy or distant in communication, as though you know more about the world of theories than how to interact with people?

How would you describe your humor?

Do you prefer starting projects or seeing them through?

When doing a project, do you enjoy thinking about it in-depth and accounting for every nuance before you've even started?

When doing a project, do you enjoy thinking of the future implications of your project and accounting for how to prevent them?

When doing a project, do you enjoy working fast and efficiently?

When people share their feelings with you, how do you feel?

When you talk or relate to others, is your face more frozen or is it more expressive?

Do you come off as "cold" or "emotive"?

Do you speak haltingly or with force?
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