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You can't be two types. Unless you have a multiples personality disorder, that should prove difficult.
While the fact that the tests generally give you a percentage for the dichotomies , as you know they in fact only inform you of your functions order.

The functions are ways to perceive and interpret information. Those ways tend to play similar roles and contradict themselves, so they don't work very well together. Imagine the functions as 8 people trying to control you. If they had equals strength, you can imagine how they would fight for control, and how fucked the resulting personality would be.
So... normally, you have a leader, his second in command, one guy that follow orders, an other that contradict everybody... and four others that just kind of stand there and look pretty while usually doing nothing.
I'm not explaining it very well.. but I'm sure you get the picture.

What is more probable is that you use different functions in different situations. While you can't be two type or change of type, your functions strength can change over time.

It's possible to be more aware of your third function than your main. Your main function is so integral to yourself that you may not even see it. Your third function, on the other hand, is not as natural, so you should be aware of its use.
That's not to say that your Ti is your third function, but that's definitely an option to consider.
The best tip I can give you is to read about the function as much as you can.

You might also want to go look at the temperaments if you are unsure between INTP,INFJ and ISFJ.
I personally get an INFJ vibe from you, but it's just that, a guess.

As for thinking or feeling being more about people, I'm not sure. Thinking like to analyse, feeling like to evaluate, I assume that both can be interested in people, but for different reasons.
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