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Hey guys,

I don't know if you have ever heard of Ana Julia Quezada. She's known for being the killer of a 8-year-old child named Gabriel Cruz.

This mediatic case took place in Almería (Spain), so most information is in Spanish.

It's already been more than 5 months since it all happened and I have been wondering what's the Myers Briggs type of this female killer (probably a serial killer).

I have been searching for information and have noticed that many people think she's a psychopath because of her background, but no one has talked about her MBTI type.

Most people believe she's manipulative, self-centered, cold and possessive.

Here's a synopsis for those of you who have never heard of this case:

Gabriel (her boyfriend's child) went missing from his home town in southern Spain’s Almería province on February 27. His body was found 12 days later in the trunk of Ana Julia’s car. On Tuesday, she confessed to the crime but said she acted in self defense. She claimed that the youngster got angry with her and attacked her with a hatchet. She told investigators that she then hit the boy with the blunt part of the tool, leaving him unconscious. In a state of panic, she then strangled him, stripping him of his clothes and burying the body.

Investigators started suspecting of her when she found Gabriel's shirt in a remote area four kilometers from the family's farm in Las Hortichuelas. The shirt was dry, which was strange because it had been raining those days. Many people had also been searching on that area, that's why Ana Julia became the first suspect.

They think that she planted the shirt in an effort to implicate her ex-boyfriend, who lived in the area. From that moment on, the line of investigation centered on her. She was put under surveillance and police saw that she frequently visited a home in Rodalquilar, five kilometers from the family’s farm. There, they watched as she put the boy’s body in the trunk of her car. Ana Julia was later arrested and while initially denying the crime, late confessed to murder.

Concerning her life:

She’s 44 years old and was born in Dominican Republic.
Her family struggled financially so she didn’t have a good childhood and didn’t attend high school. She had to work cleaning houses of wealthy people on her area.

She wasn’t violent back then and liked to daydream and live in her own world.
In 1992, she came with one of her sisters to live in Burgos (Spain). I heard that she didn’t want to become a prostitute, but she was forced to do so.
Thanks to a truck driver who fell in love with her, she got out of the brothel and married him. They started a life together and had a daughter (Ana Julia’s second daughter) in 1994.
In 1995, Ana Julia took her first daughter (she had had her first daughter in 1991) to Spain.
In 1996, her first daughter died. It was said that she fell off a seven floor but many people believe that Ana Julia pushed her. She pretended she had an anxiety attack so the police didn’t ask her anything about her daughter’s death.

In 2009, she got divorced and started a relationship with an old man who owned a restaurant and was very well-known in Burgos. Ana Julia used to work as a butcher but she quitted her job and started living thanks to this old man. She took advantage of the fact that this man had lost his wife and was in a vulnerable state.
I read that she didn’t take care of him and kept all the money he used to earn. She also convinced him to buy her a fancy house in Dominican Republic.
In 2012, a few days before this man death’s, Ana Julia took all his family’s jewels and also took all the money he had on his bank accounts.
Not only that, she also used this man’s money for a breasts operation and also lied to this man’s family to get paid a life insurance.

After his death, Ana Julia started a relationship with another man who was also older than her and suffered from cancer. She played the victim to get him to pay whatever she wanted. It’s said that she took over $20,000 from him.

In 2013, she started another relationship with a man who was the same age as her. They moved to Las Negras (Almería) in 2015 and opened a bar in 2016. Everything was going well until she left him in October 2016. She kept the business and work on it until September 2017, when she sold it. She kept all the money to herself without sharing a part with her ex-boyfriend.

Her last relationship was with the father of the child she murdered (Gabriel Cruz). Some people say that she killed the little boy because he was an obstacle for her to manipulate his father for personal gain.

Concerning her personality:

She’s intuitive and can read between the lines. She can guess how people think and feel without being told much information.

She doesn’t seem to be the type who likes to be with too many people at once, but she can look very kind in front of people and can be very persuasive when she wants something.

She can also get distracted easily and get lost in thoughts. She doesn’t seem to look much into details because she didn’t take into consideration that it would not make sense that she found a dry shirt in a place where it had been raining.

Because of this, I don’t believe she has Se as her dominant cognitive function. When I first read about her background, I thought she would be ESFP or ESTP but then I realized that Se isn’t probably her first function.

She’s very argumentative and tends to turn conversations into debates. She can be very convincing and has people skills.

Her Facebook profile (already deactivated) made her look like someone who loved dogs and books. She also used to post quotes about love and feelings.

She likes to work on her mind and is looking for ideas and solutions that can help her get out of jail.

Also, she has a creative mind and artistic skills, which she has used to deceive everyone by making them believe that she loved and cared about Gabriel.

She didn’t have a good relationship with the boy’s family. They claimed she used to stay in her bedroom and didn’t socialize that much with them.

She wasn’t very familiar because she only used to visit a few family members when she travelled to Dominican Republic.

My opinion:

In my opinion, Ana Julia is not a J type because she seemed to be the type to improvise and leave her options open.

For example, she didn’t have a detailed plan when she killed Gabriel. Before getting arrested, she didn’t know where to leave his body because she went hanging around with the car until she arrived in front of her residence, where she got arrested. It seems that she had been thinking of various options and she was lost in her ideas, so Ne could be her primary or secondary function.

I watched a TV program about her life and remember that a psychologist said she had an ambition for money because of how she had suffered as a child, so maybe that’s why she made money one of her main values and lost her morals. Could this be a very unhealthy Fi?

The way she planned the murder leads me to believe that Te is her tertiary or inferior function. She did everything alone instead of telling someone to help her. I don’t believe she uses Ti because many of the reasons she gave to the police & investigators were not logical. She was capable of saying something and then saying the complete opposite.
Could she use F over T even though she lacks empathy?

I’m not sure she’s an extrovert or introvert. She liked going out and getting drunk with her ex-boyfriends, but she wasn’t the type to be very popular or have many friends.
It’s clear that she wasn’t shy and could be very persuasive, but that doesn’t mean she’s an extrovert.
Also, she knew how to hide her scams and crimes because that’s what she’s been doing for more than 20 years and almost no one knew about it.

She wasn’t the type to manipulate a group of people, it seems that she manipulated her ex-boyfriends when she was alone with them. She was the kind of person who used flattery and played victim to manipulate whoever she wanted.

When I first read about her, I thought she was an ESFP, ESTP or even ENTP. But now I think she might be ENFP or INFP because being a Feeling type doesn’t guarantee someone is empathetic or cares about other people’s feelings.
Feeling types can also be master manipulators.
As an INFP myself, I thought that being an INFP makes someone a good person, but I have realized that anyone is capable of doing harm. We can’t label a person “good” or “bad” by their type.

What do you think? What MBTI type do you believe Ana Julia Quezada is?
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