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What's the most affectionate pet (that's perfect for an INFP?)

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Cats can be very affectionate..just gotta get the right one..
hmm, 'who' else? :laughing:
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I had a sugar glider who was wonderful. Once they bond with you, you will have a little friend for life who sleeps in your pocket and may or may not communicate telepathically with you.
My dogs. They give me non-talkative company as I write away for hours. I couldn't ask for a better companion.
Some ISFJ's can make great pets, just make sure they have a lot of cleaning supplies and affection, oh and never feed them after midnight.
I'd say dogs. They love to be around you and they're cuddly.
Dogs for sure. Unconditional love is the win. They love you even for beating them up =P
I would think most animals are good for INFPs... but the once that I like the most or get most affection from are cats, dogs and bunny's ^^ I once had a INFP dog (yeah, I try to type my pets) and we were like BFF. He was just as calm and lazy as me but he was also very cuddly and he was a loner as well. I sometimes just took a long nap with him outside during the summer time.

He was the best pet that I have ever had. Too bad my mom hated him.
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if you want a really, really affectionate pet, i'd suggest getting a sphynx cat - mum mother always says they're not really cats but some cute monkey aliens, and i couldn't disagree with that - the ones i've met (sphynx cats) have all been much more affectionate than your average cat, and they don't really seem to have this huge need for independence that cats usually display. sphynx is as loyal as a dog, and follows you around just like dogs do, yet it still has the grace of a cat. though, of course, many people don't like the way these animals look, but that's a different issue.
I had a rat terrier who died earlier this year. She was the sweetest, most sensitive and loving animal I've ever known. My family doesn't understand what she meant to me - I'm still heartbroken. She truly was my best friend. I'm getting choked up writing this. She was always so happy to see me, and she used to make a little noise when we were snuggling that seemed to say that she was so happy, and it always melted my heart.
I now have a tri-color Pembroke corgi, who is also very sweet, but we haven't quite got the connection I had with my rat terrier. Maybe it will come with time.
I think cats are good, too. I had cats before I got my terrier and had always considered myself a cat person til then.
I have a small Conure parrot who is totally devoted and probably thinks I am another parrot. Hates my wife doesn't even acknowledge her. Has temper tantrums like a five year old child , the parrot that is not the wife. :laughing:
LOL! wowza...
I have a small Conure parrot who is totally devoted and probably thinks I am another parrot. Hates my wife doesn't even acknowledge her. Has temper tantrums like a five year old child , the parrot that is not the wife. :laughing:
I've always been interested in parrots - they seem almost human to me. I'd love to have one, but fear I wouldn't spend enough time with it. I've heard that, because they're so intelligent, they're prone to mental illness if they don't get enough attention.
(I have five parakeets, and assume, correctly or not, that they can entertain themselves when I'm busy. I only assume that because they're a small flock, and not a single lonely bird.)
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It's when she wants attention that she shouts the loudest, she cant come out as much as I would like as I have two terriers who would like to eat her and have to make sure they are out of the way. I don't like seeing animals in cages and still often feel guilty about having to keep her in a cage. Living in society as an INFP often feels like living in a cage and not being able to truly be free.
I've always been interested in parrots - they seem almost human to me. I'd love to have one, but fear I wouldn't spend enough time with it. I've heard that, because they're so intelligent, they're prone to mental illness if they don't get enough attention.
I am in no way biased...but definitely the Popinjay.
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There's nothing more wonderful than the sound of a kitty purring while you pet them, the adorable things.

I'm allergic to cats, but I really don't care. :D
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I love my cat but dogs have my heart. They are constant wells of affection and cuddles and love. Right now I'm living with my dog who is an english shepherd and smarter than your average person, and a young english shepherd who is special needs. She was rescued from a hoarding situation and spent the first three months of her life in a tiny cage so when she was adopted she had swimming puppy syndrome with her legs splayed out and couldn't walk. My dog taught her how to walk and then run and how to do regular doggy things like play and 'talk' and now she acts like a normal dog, save for the fact that she looks like Bambi on tile floors and is terrified of new people. She is a complete sweetheart :3
I think dogs are the most consistant in being devoted and loving your attention and making you feel special to them. Of course there are some mean and annoying dogs out there, but if they love you they are always happy to see you and they not only let you know it, but will pester you for attention and have a tendancy to follow their special person around.

Cats can be great companions, but there seems to be a lot more differences in personalities with them so you can't necessarily count on getting a snuggler. And even the nice ones aren't always consistant, sometimes they want you, sometimes they brush you off in a huff.

Rabbits are also pretty iffy. They are adorable and will make your heart melt, but they often get freaked out when you try to pick them up and really struggle if you're not carefull, and may not have a lot of patience for sitting in your lap when they want to be sniffing around exploring. However, some of them can be super cuddly and get attached to you, and it's soo tickly sweet when they sniff around your face and ears. I think Guinea Pigs are more mellow and easier to hold, and they have the added benefit of making cute happy chuckley noises and excited squeaky noises. They are perhaps a little more boring to watch since they don't really do the standing on their hind legs while bobbing their heads and sniffing, or the spastic springing into the air and crazy mid-flight twists that Rabbits do.

other smaller pets usualy don't have as much personality so it doesn't feel like you have as much connection with them, although I've had a number of hampsters over the years that were fun to carry around inside my sweatshirt with me.
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This type of dog:

Mammal Dog Vertebrate Canidae Dog breed

The majestic Japanese Chin! I've had 4 dogs over the course of my life, and my chin is the sweetest, most affectionate dog I've ever had. He never barks, he never whines. He loves to play fetch in the apartment and sleep at my feet. Despite their magnificent manes, they are really low maintenance animals. I keep my chin's hair short, like in my photo. He is the joy in my life!
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Even though affection is nice from a pet, it may become overwhelming. Just think it through before you take one.

I speak from own experience. I had two cats. Amin and Toto, very affectionate cats. They were affectionate towards me like puppies are towards their masters. Every time I came home, they were welcoming me. If I left the room, both ran before me to the same room. I couldn't even go to a toilet without meows behind the door. At first, it was adorable and funny, but when you come from the work, exhausted after a long day, and there is two creatures that wish to demand your un-dividable attention.. it was too much to bear. No matter the amount I played with them, they were - all the time - in my legs. Day after day. I did feel that I had to take care of two babies instead of cats.

I got these cats about a 1 year old from their original home. I think it is very possible that they were took too young to their previous home and they developed fixation towards their owner. When I felt I couldn't take it anymore (when the cat-unrelated depression sunk in, as I felt that I was barely able to take care of myself) I gave them away, one for my brother and one for my good friend. They gladly took the cats, as they had been thinking about getting a cat beforehand. Amin and Toto are living happily now, seperated, but happy, and I'm happy they are doing well. I still feel remorse that I could not take care of them, even though I know they were demanding cases.

I remember how I felt a night before when they were sleeping in my legs before I gave them away. Happily purring, they had the habit to sleep on my both legs. These creatures really love me, but I can't take their overwhelming love as it took more than I could possibly give.
Probably cats, since they tend to be balanced as far as affection is concerned, at least the ones I've had. I had them as kittens... and giving a kitten that much attention is exhausting. I've had dogs in the past and I can't give too much attention...

...I need some time to myself to recharge...:sad:

My favorite one at home is very introverted, she doesn't really love on me or unless the other cats are gone, and she doesn't do it excessively. She's one of those "I need to be in the mood" to show it types. I got another one in the spring that was ridiculously needy as a baby kitten, but now he's outgrown it a bit. The other I'm fostering is more needy with affection that revolves around love bites and demanding tummy rubs, but he likes being outside a lot, so it isn't overwhelming.

I love them, they all have distinguishing personality traits, like people. :kitteh:
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