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"What's up?" "*Looks above*... Grim Reaper." "WUt?- *screams & dies*" "... Cookies!"

Fellow ENFPs:
All in all, the birth of this atrocity is rather old, but I recently revived it when I once again made my INTJ bff wonder about my sanity or the lack thereof, and today when I traumatized an innocent ISFP soul who I think actually respected me. Well... Before at least...
Time to wreck the world with crappy and horrifying "What's up?" jokes, and basically make everyone facepalm for the zillionth time. The cringier the better, the more 'OOOOHHH *winces*' the better.
I'll begin, with a few...
"What's up?" "Not my pants." "... Mine neither!..."
"What's up?" "Not my eyes-\\slapped"
"What's up?" "Your new home."
Ok so guys... What's up?
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