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whats wrong with boasting a little bit??

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i was on the phone the other day to a friend of mine and i was explaining to him what i had been doing in the past two years, iv done quite a lot and gained many qualifications and iv done it all independently with my own willpower and desire to sort myself out but when i was telling my friend this he seemed to not like me boasting but im really not sure why,, surely a lil bit of boasting isnt too bad,, what do you think? :crazy:
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I think it is okay to boast about your accomplishments every once in a while but you also have to take into consideration what your friend is going through before you boast to them. If he has been going through a bad time he may resent you for it for awhile but will get over it after time.

I personally stick to boasting to my family for that reason. Your family should not resent you for anything.
I think there is a time and a place for boasting... But I would totally boast to my friend (no problems there) and if they boasted to me I wouldn't get all up tight about it.

Sometimes "boasting" can be annoying, I guess, if maybe you think that person is trying to show you up.
I mean, if my friend bragged about Uni and all that, I would seriously be pleased and not care...
I am not even at uni yet and she is a mate who is proud, so it doesn't bother me.
Though, if I was in the same course as her and she boasted and went on about stuff, maybe I would get sick of her because if I was somewhat not doing as well or something it would put me down or make you seem all high and mighty...

I reckon it kind of depends on your mate etc.
I tend to only boast to certain friends cos we can just both boast about things as it comes up in conversation and it isn't awkward cos we know that between us we try not to judge each other etc. and just chill.

All in all, I don't mind a good boast, but once I've heard it, I've heard it, so move on and brag about something else... :proud:
Not much wrong with that, if the guy is going through a bad patch well thats his problem but not your fault and your supposed to downplay or minimize your achievements because other people may not like it? Bollocks to that, you've done well you damn well tell them!:proud:
What is aim of boasting?
If it's to make your friend feel crap that he's not as good as you or envious then yeah, that's not too good.
If it's to win the admiration of your friend then boasting when your friend isn't happy isn't the way to do it.
He'd probably admire you more for not rubbing in his face all your achievements.
The trick is subtlety.
Boasting is not good. Others should talk good about us and self-praise should be avoided at any cost. Boasting is an off shoot of flattery.
If you were innocently listing your accomplishments in hope that your friend could share your joy, then it's really his problem if it grates on him. If he's a real friend he'll be back around.
Friends share good times and bad
I agree with thee other person here that there a time a place for boasting, but if you do boast then make sure to keep it a a minimum..dont unviel a whole list of your accomplishments because you come off as self-centered and that ruins friendship

trust me I know
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