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What's Your Body Shape?

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  1. Diamond: Narrow shoulders and hips in combination with a wider midriff.
  2. Triangle: A small bust, with the waist and hips larger than the bust.
  3. Rectangle: The bust, waist, and hips are almost the same. Little to no curves. Athletic.
  4. Apple/Round: The waist is larger than both the bust and the hips.
  5. Hourglass: Both the bustline and the hips are the same/almost the same in circumference. The waist line is then AT LEAST 6 inches smaller than the bust and hips sizes.
  6. Inverted Triangle/Cone: A considerable larger bustline than the hips, with a small waist.
  7. Pear: The bust and waist are small, with the hips being very larger than the two.

What's your body shape? If you feel brave, write down your measurements! I'm a 34-27-34. I'm an hourglass. What about you?? :D

PS- I find pear-shaped ladies to be fackin' adorable!
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I'd say i'm an hourglass, a skinny not so prominent shape though
I have no idea what my measurements are I would be brave and post them otherwise :)
I'm more rectangle than hourglass, but not a complete ironboard.
hourglass, no idea about the measuremants though
A lampost. I am tall and thin, even my arms are thin. I've been called lanky on many occasions and maybe at my worst I look like a tall Hollywood alien (my pelvis bone actually visibly sticks out the sides of my waist!)
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I'm definitely an hourglass. I think my measurements are 38DD-32-38
I'm a pear. (At least the measures say so...33-26-35)
I'd say I'm an hourglass.
LOL, lots of hourglasses. Weird! :crazy:
An hourglass for sure

measurements: 40-33-40

not perfect but whatever :)

also, I'm 5'4 so, yeah, I have curves
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I'm 5'8, 33-25-36.5. Not a true hourglass, but my shoulders are too broad & my thighs too thin to be a pear.
That's meant only for women? I think a poll (anonymity) would work better. Lots of hourglass figures - could be the youth of the average member.
I apologize. :( I guess because women hae more diverse types of figures, I figured I could make a thread specifically for them.

But hey... Guys come in cones, ovals, rectangle, and pear. (The types that have love handles and a weird, large set of hips. I've seen them, lol!)

Which ones are you?
That's meant only for women? I think a poll (anonymity) would work better. Lots of hourglass figures - could be the youth of the average member.
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I'm a thin pear. Actually my hips aren't big but my upper thighs and my butt are the largest part of my body. My upper half is very thin but I still have large shoulders.
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Hourglass as well.. 36-29-36 (though I got 40 for hips first time I tried mesuring...Seriously.. I have huge hips >_< )
Number 6-Inverted triangle-Never heard that one before!!!
Male - Athletic.

I have to say, I actually prefer the hourglass girls. Not 100% sure why exactly, it's just really attractive.
I know I already said this, but JESUS, so many hourglasses! :crazy:
hourglass too. we're all like twins :]
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