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Whats your enneagram type?How does it affect you?Whats tritype or wings if you know them

I'm just interested what type everyone is and how they react to different situations because of your type.
I'm a type 9 my wings are both 9-8 and 9-1 .I think my tritype is 9-6-2 . (9.1+9.8) (6.7) (2.3)

I'm quite shy as a type 9 and people always call me shy. I don't speak up in class maybe the odd time.
I'm really independent I never get angry or it takes alot to annoy me and when I do get annoyed I get intp a bit of an argument then I'd give up let the person win or just withdraw from the situation. I get annoyed if someone starts shouting to me and usually ignore them and tell them to stop shouting. Crying I rarely ever cry at anything movies etc. If I'm sad I generally just think alot but I can appear to be normal so its hard to tell when I'm upset. Are 9s meant to be like that?

And whats your type how do you react in different situations?
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