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Not religious, although I was raised, off and on, Protestant-Christian, heavily Baptist, and on the books I'm still Catholic.

When my knees can take it, I do Vipassana meditation but it isn't a religious practice: Anyone--atheist, agnostic, religious can--and many have done--Vipassana meditation.

I don't believe in some kind of huge superhuman being up or out or below or anywhere orchestrating or kicking back and allowing us to orchestrate our own demise:

We're doing that just fine on our own, and when we pass--as life is ever changing, forms coming and forms going out... I'll be long gone and this topic won't be on my psychological radar, far as I know, anyway--and I don't know much; the older I get that bit of wisdom sinks in deeper and deeper... and one day this tired body will sink into the earth--or be rolled onto a conveyor belt and turned to ash and bone fragments.
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